‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ is back and it’s for adults!

“Watch out for that Temple Guardian!” Heads up Millenials, or any generation that watched this 90s Nickelodeon hit! Because ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ is getting a remake and this time it’s for adults! Raise your hands if you’ve dreamed of getting a chance to be on ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ as a kid. […]

Some 90s Grade School Things That We Miss

Do you still remember what it feels like to be in school? To be more specific, do you remember your grade school days? Even though everyday we are growing older and older, we never forget to look back at even one thing in our past. After all, we all love throwbacks, don’t we? Except bitter exes or […]

Things only 90’s kids can understand

Calling all 90’s kids out there! Although it’s not Thursday, we’re still giving you one hell of a throwback! Ahhh, the 90s! It was a decade ago wherein kids weren’t all that into technology and we actually went outside to play. And if you’re a ’90s kid like me, you know all too well about the […]