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What the f*ck is up with January 2020?

We’re sure you’ve noticed this along with the rest of the world. A lot of “things” have happened in the very first month of 2020. And, boy — it has got us all thinking! Man,  January’s been rough!  And all we could really do is to shout, “WTF?!”  Let’s face it, it’s only been a […]

Highlights from the 2020 Grammys, Winners of the Awards

If there’s one other (less somber) thing that people talked about the most today, it may just be the 2020 Grammy Awards. After all, it is an annual prestigious awards show that a lot of people, both the artists and the fans of the music industry, look forward to.  The 2020 Grammys happened earlier today […]

‘Panahon Ko ‘To’: a Throwback Dance Concert for Y’all 90’s Kids

It’s time for you to recall all the ol’ dance moves you used to know because soon, a 90’s throwback dance concert will be happening! Time surely is ticking fast because before we knew it, the year is 2020. It has been a few decades since the 90’s and yet, it also seems so far […]

Most Common New Year Resolutions

Here’s a question, how many of last year’s resolutions did you actually accomplish?   It was around 4,000 years ago when the Babylonians first started the tradition of having New Year resolutions, and four millennia later we are still practicing it! Now, having practiced it for so long, humans are bound to develop common New […]

A Simple Guide on Starting 2020 on the Right Foot

Many people consider the new year as a tabula rasa or a ‘clean slate’ where they have the chance to start fresh all over again. Happy New Year, everyone! 2019 was just yesterday and today marks the start of a brand new beginning for all of us. Admittedly, New Years and fresh starts may be overrated–and […]

End Your Night With A Bang Thanks To Our New Year Playlist!

You might have seen our Christmas Playlist and of course we wouldn’t forget to make one dedicated to New Year’s Eve. Find out which songs will leave you with a banging night! There are only a few hours left until New Year’s Eve. And aside from your traditional preparations, you might have missed the chance choosing […]

Things You Can Look Forward To In 2020

We’re officially entering 2020 and here are some things that are already exciting for us in the coming decade. Find out more here: As we’re finally nearing the end of 2019, there’s a lot of things we have to leave behind which is sometimes pretty hard. But there’s also the saying that, “Every ending is […]

Best Places For The New Year Countdown!

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!   It’s officially the last day of 2019, and in less than twenty-four hours we’ll be ushering in the New Year! So to maximize the experience, here are some of the best places for the New Year countdown! If there was ever a checklist for the perfect New Year countdown […]

Tori Kelly will finally be having her first concert in Manila!

Tori Kelly is coming to the Philippines soon, and she will be performing for us her Filipino fans with a concert in 2020! If we were to boast humbly, we have frankly known Tori Kelly since her early YouTube days. Along with AJ Rafael and other artists who started to share their talents through the […]