From record-breaking tracks to the best music videos, this list contains our favourite Asian hits that recently slated global stardom!

For the past few weeks of Asian music reigning on different charts, we are beyond excited to usher another round of our Top Asian Hits! We believe that it is high time to support and promote Asian Music even further.

While we couldn’t include all of our faves, we bet you’ll find lots of appreciation on this list. Check out these great tracks from our neighboring countries including our Pinoy pride tracks that are getting attention internationally!

Care by Beabadoobee

Here’s The Dirty Hit signee, Filipino-British singer-songwriter beabadoobee who just released her single pilot for her upcoming debut album ‘Fake It Flowers’. Described by beabadoobee as sounding like those typical ’90s movies’ credits song, this song is really giving us those nostalgic Avril Lavigne vibes with its ever-present pop-punk tunes.

On the song’s message, she shares that it’s about her being angry at society and the people around her.

Seeing her music video was a surprise for us since even the artist herself didn’t expect to make one during the pandemic. But here we are, witnessing what turned out to be her most personal, genuine video she has ever done.

If you want to vibe out, watch her music video below!

Selene by NIKI

NIKI has slammed the door on the conventions of pop stardom again! After releasing ‘Switchblade‘, the second single off her forthcoming debut full-length album, Moonchild just slated different digital platforms again, and this one is definitely giving us her groovy, soulful and funky side!

Released via 88rising, ‘Selene’ represents something deeper than its title. If you’re so into those Greek-thingy, ‘Selene’ stands for the Goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology, Moonchild’s more sensual alter ego that follows her story in Moonchild saga.

In case you haven’t listened to it yet, check its stunning visualizer below!

How You Like That by BlackPink

With over 300 million views to date, the K-pop queens’ comeback song is breaking records. ‘How you like that‘, with its pulsing rhythm and hard-hitting verses, served as a reminder why they’re one of the most successful Kpop acts today.

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For now, while waiting for another single, you could stream continually and memorize the great choreography of ‘How you like that’!

Michael Jordan Era by Karencitta

One of the new OPM tracks that we think deserves recognition across the Asian region is the recent single from Cebuana rapper Karencitta, which takes us all the way back to the Michael Jordan Era! Karencitta totally nailed her sharp bars and to tell you, it brings us nostalgia with its old-school, hip-hop vibes.

Listening to her feel-good, upbeat tracks reminds us that there are still a lot of hidden gems in the Philippine music industry that deserve to be recognized!

In case you haven’t listened to it yet, make sure to give it a listen below!

Love in my Pocket by Rich Brian

Offering us his retro pop sound, Rich Brian did his quirky thing and entertained his fans again with his latest single, ‘Love In My Pocket’. Obviously, this track pertains to living in a society where people ask for the love they think they deserve but they’re afraid of taking the first step.

This song is the ultimate banger sure to fill your quarantined souls with groove.

more by Keshi

Known for his melancholic, heartstrings-tugging songwriting, keshi is back again with his latest single, ‘more’. This song is a follow-up release to his last EP bandaids. The Houston-based artist did break our hearts again with the gist of his track that pertains about not being enough.

Perhaps, many will relate again to his beautiful yet painful verses and we cannot wait for more of his genuinity!

Where I Wander by UMI

The rising Japanese-African-American, UMI offered us another track with her newly-released single called ‘Where I Wander‘. According to her, she wrote this song to give us a reflection of her journey over the past year, and with the intention to evoke introspection, both into herself and to the listener.

Completed with her vulnerable and intricate, yet smooth and ambient sound, UMI is totally making her name in international stardom! in case you haven’t heard her latest song, stream it below!

Stay Gold by BTS

Several records broken, many countries toured, BTS is totally serving us their silver-lining verses with their hit single, ‘Stay Gold‘. Together with its hopeful music video, ‘Stay Gold’ is the lead single for their upcoming fourth Japanese studio album, Map of the Soul: 7- The Journey.

With purple flowers, refreshing trees, and a stunning stream, ‘Stay Gold’ definitely reminds us how to be sane in the middle of this chaos we’re all facing right now.

If you want to be refreshed a thousand times, just watch their official music video below!

Pac-Man by Michael Bars ft. Michael Pacquiao

To give tribute for Filipino Boxers, here’s a track released by Manny Pacquiao’s second son, Michael Pacquiao who collaborated with rap artist Michael Bars. This became a top trending topic on social media and netizens came across for this amazing track from Michael Pacquiao and Michael Bars.

With its astonishingly intense verses, there’s no doubt why all people are looking forward to hearing more from the boy!


100 ways by Jackson Wang

With the help of a breathtaking music video for “100 Ways”, Chinese singer and dancer, Jackson Wang is setting out to connect all cultures around the world with his art.

‘The first new music released by Jackson off the back of his first solo album ‘MIRRORS’ last October, ‘100 Ways’ debuted at #32 on the Billboard 200, becoming the highest-charting solo artist debut from China. We are beyond excited about what Jackson Wang has in store for us!


Which of these amazing discoveries is your favorite?

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