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Welcome to the 2020 edition of Top 10 Weekly OPM Songs of U DO U! Today, we’re presenting you a fresh set of tracks that might take the number one spot by placing your vote in the poll!

Last week, the track ‘Breathe’ released by Denice Lao reigned on the top of our list! Now, let’s wait and see if she will remain on top or will be replaced by another song and artist! Know that our current Top 3 will still remain on the list and it includes Lizzie by The Wallblossoms and Wasaq Man C Acoe by BennyBuunyBand.

Polls will be open until June 15 at 6pm and will release the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week later that night! So, watch out on Monday next week for the results!

Here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly:

Lizzie by The Wallblossoms

With the taste of the vibrant Britpop yet 60’s rock tune, this song has more somber take on the genre and not just go full blown happy hippy.

Balang Araw by Inigo Pascual

This track imbues a heart of man that explores the wistful relationship etched with its head-boppy beats.

Lifetime by Ben&Ben

Inspired by a fan’s heartbreaking tale that underpins the dreading thought of ‘losing their friendship’ if both of them admitted their true feelings in the past.


Wasaq Man C Acoe by BennyBunnyBand

“Kuneho rock” act dropped new heartbreak anthem which definitely conveys about the struggles when it comes to relationships.

Warrior Princess by Peaceful Gemini

Filipina rapper dropping her trap beats again as Peaceful Gemini celebrates her birthday with this powerful track.

Daze by Cheats

With their dreamy-synth sound, this tack can brush off our quarantine blues and dance in its rhythm.

Breathe by Denice Lao

Breathe is like a love letter for every people out there. It’s like a sweet note for people that we love or we longed to see— reminding them to breathe a little more and hang in there.

‘Wag Na Sana by Brisom & DJ Joey Santos

This upbeat track flaunts the struggles of lovers in a relationship and filled with high hopes that everything will be fine.

Di Magbabago by Ordinaryo

‘Di Magbabago’ underpins the crying sound of violin and the romantic lyricism infuse with attractive folkloric sound.

Pag Nandiyan by Hannah Pangilinan feat. Better Days

A notable collaboration from our OPM indie artists that showcases romantic feelings for a person but embraces fear of falling.



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