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Welcome to the 2020 edition of Top 10 Weekly OPM Songs of U DO U! Today, we’re presenting you with a fresh set of tracks that might take the number one spot by placing your vote in the poll!

Last week, Benedict Cua notched the Top spot in our ranking with his track ‘Di Namalayan‘. Followed by We Got with their new rendition of ‘Ligaya’ and Angelito with his track ‘Orange’.

Now, let’s see who will notch the Top Spot for this week! Polls will be open until July 20 at 6pm and will release the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week later that night! So, watch out on Monday next week for the results!

Here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly:

Awit Ko Na Naisulat Dahil Sa Kagandahan Mo by Nyoy Volante

Listen to Nyoy’s new sound etched with cheesy verses and groove with its feel-good beats!

BTNS (Bakit ‘to Nangyari Sa’tin) by The Juans ft. Janine Teñoso

Another heartbreaking track from The Juans matched with the sultry voice of Janine that follows the story couple with hurtful questions, you usually ask when a relationship falls apart.

Ligaya by We Got

A reggae rendition of The Eraserheads’ inescapable hit etched with a fuller vibe, brighter elements and a tropical makeover from We Got!

Orange by Angelito

Sprinkled with feel-good beats, this track is one of the latest releases from O/C Records with the angelic voice by Angelito.

Bother (Wolfcat) by St. Wolf and Tomcat

Serving us their lo-fi sound this latest track is filled with great guitar riffs and will definitely make you ‘LSS’ with their verses !


Ania Ko by Route 83

Here’s new bilingual electronic pop OPM jam that flaunts nostalgic verses that is totally fit for road trips!

Dila by Zild Benitez

Giving us notes about saying nonsensical things, this track is definitely another reminder when it comes to wasting our time with gossips. 

Bahaghari by Julie San Jose ft. Gloc 9

This upbeat track shows high hopes in the midst of chaos etched with metaphors and the sharp bars from Gloc-9! 

Di Namalayan by Benedict Cua

Another track to dive in is Benedict Chua’s latest release with those cherry melodies and feel that ‘Kilig’ feeling with its sweet message.

Gunita by Sugar Cane

Etched with nostalgic lyricism, this latest track from Sugar Cane will absolutely make to reminisce those cheesy moments with your someone special!


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