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Because the truly hardest things to talk about are worth every minute.

Nas Daily is an online video production that releases a multitude of videos about the “real world” full of stories untapped by mainstream media– videos for the “world we want to live in” according to the company’s bio.

It’s headed by Nas or Nussier Yassin, an arab by race, with a global heart for all people that even his screen name, ‘Nas’ is arabic for people. Nas is a product of Facebook virality whose videos about “the world’s most depressing place” to “the world’s happiest people”, took the people to places unknown and built touchpoints around the world where there were few or even nonexistent before.

The virality started with his famous way of creating quick and punchy 1-minute videos every day for 1000 days while traveling around the globe. He often ended his videos with his iconic line “that’s one minute, see you tomorrow”.

Well, now we have more than 1 minute to spend with the master content creator sans the visuals.

Getting Real

The unplugged version of Nas Daily now comes to you in podcast form, Nas Talks, stripped to the barebones of a conversational podcast sans fancy editing and team-scripted storylines. This version of Nas Daily takes on elephants in this proverbial room usually with an expert in the field or sometimes simply his girlfriend or his friends.


As of writing, Nas Talks has covered topics such as “The Philippines: The Country of Social Media with Will Dasovich”, or “Be Careful for the Next Two Years” with Akshay B. D. on the effects of COVID-19 in long-term business plans.

They even dared set foot on more personal subjects such as Nas’ and his girlfriend Alyne’s ‘forbidden relationship’ on “Our Relationship Should Have Failed” as well as “The Hidden Story of Nas Daily” which deals with how Nas, Alyne, and Project Nightfall have dutifully carried out the task of uploading a video a day for 1000 days.

Since its first upload on July 7, this promising podcast has become something you must absolutely tune in to if you wanna get real on the most interesting and important stories.


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