IV Of Spades’ hit song ‘Mundo’ has reached over 100 million streams on Spotify!

Yup, IV Of Spades’ ‘Mundo’ and the now-iconic ‘tinininiw tininiw tininiw’ intro has been played hundreds of millions of times on the streaming platform, becoming the first track of the band to have reached this milestone.

‘Mundo’ is one of the first few tracks which was released by the band with then frontman Unique Salonga who left IVOS back in May 2018. Watch one of their last performances as a four-piece in this video from Wish 107.5.

Did Zild and Blaster throw shade at Viva Records?

It was the morning of October 4 when a fan account dedicated to IV Of Spades tweeted about ‘Mundo’ reaching 100 million streams. In the said tweet, the fan tagged the band and its members Zild, Blaster, and Badjao.

Zild, who took over as the band’s lead vocalist after Unique’s departure, quoted the tweet and said, ‘congrats viva’.

Blaster, on the other hand, shared a post on his Facebook account which is quite similar to Zild’s reaction.


Last February, fans were furious when Viva Records posted Raphiel Shannon’s cover of ‘Mundo’ and didn’t credit Zild as one of the track’s songwriters. The issue gave birth to the hashtag #GiveCreditsToZildBenitez, and a petition on change.org.

IV Of Shades? Could this be the reason behind Zild and Blaster’s posts?

IV Of Spades on indefinite hiatus

It was August this year when Zild, Blaster, and Badjao announced that they will be having an indefinite hiatus. This comes after the release of their first album ‘CLAPCLAPCLAP!’ last 2019.

We will be busy pursuing some other personal interests and take a needed time off as a band.

Prior to the announcement of their hiatus, Zild released his first solo album ‘Homework Machine’.


What do you think about Zild and Blaster’s ‘Viva’ posts on ‘Mundo’?

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