Zild Benitez Drops First Solo Album, “Homework Machine”

If we have to name one redeeming aspect of the pandemic, it’s that it has given our favorite artists ample time to create.

IV of Spades vocalist and bassist, Zild Benitez, has used his quarantine days to hone his craft. This time, though, he’s not with his band: he’s going solo!

Going by the name of just Zild as a lone ranger, he dropped his debut album, ‘Homework Machine’, at the stroke of midnight Thursday, August 6, via Warner Music Philippines.

Named after a book by Dan Gutman, Homework Machine‘ is another material that should be celebrated in the OPM world. It’s fresh, it’s exciting, it’s a courageous attempt to offer something different that will challenge people’s taste. Heavily built upon the old school sounds of 8-bit video games, it’s a 10-track collection exploring Zild’s distinctly playful musicality, all written and recorded in his home studio.

Homework Machine‘ also arrives with a lyric video for each track, except for Sinungaling and Dila, which were released ahead of the album with their own accompanying homemade music video. The lyric videos for the new tracks all revolve one similar theme: Zild, with a red mark on his cheeks like Pikachu, being his dorky self in a virtual 8-bit world.

‘agaw-dilim’ is one of the album tracks. It’s the artist’s poignant take on the apocalyptic year we’ve had and an attempt to make his listeners feel at peace with the inevitability of death.

Stream the album below:


What do you think about Zild’s first album?

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