Day nth of quarantine, calendars have become almost obsolete. We don’t look at dates anymore; there’s no Monday grind, TGIF, and weekend vibes. Days and nights bleed into one another. A week has become a one, long dreading cycle that revolves around waking up, eating, toxic social media, and going back to sleep.

A quick reality check: today’s Friday, and the next couple of days are the weekend. It wouldn’t hurt if you’d spend it the way you usually did before: take a break from all that’s been stressing you, have some quiet reflection, press the F5 button in your life for a complete refresh. Here, U do U has prepared an all-OPM playlist to help remind you of some important things to keep in mind in these trying times: chill out, remain positive, hold on to one another and don’t fall apart.

Sabi ng Lola- Moira Dela Torre


From her latest album, ‘Patawad’, Sabi ng Lola is a colorful and melancholic journey back to the good, old days when we were being cradled in the loving arms of our grandmother as she told us wonderful things about life and love. Now that the global pandemic has got us all lost and confused about our future, we could use some guidance from the wise elderly. This song, written by Moira herself, carries a lot of wisdom about hope, optimism, and inspiration– something we all need to hear right now.

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Bukod-Tangi- Unique Salonga


One of the tracks on his trending sophomore album, Bukod-Tangi is a laid-back, electro-pop track built on steady beat and whistles. Its catchy, pleasant tunes can bust a bad mood.

Manalangin- The Juans


The COVID-19 situation is a test of many things: character, endurance, how far we could go as individuals and as a community when pushed to the limit. More importantly, it’s also a test of spirituality. When our souls are fractured, should we collapse? Should we hold on to our faith in good things? These are some questions this song tries to answer.

Hold- Elmo Magalona


Elmo Magalona has a timely message: let’s not allow the real enemy to turn us against one another. ‘Hold’ is a hip hop R&B track that is intense and carries a sense of immediacy with it– sort of like a wake-up call for everyone who’s been fighting and attacking each other online due to differences in beliefs and principles. Disagreeing does not have to result in personal, dehumanizing words. Going up against a global pandemic is a tough challenge, and coming up with a solution would be harder if we would let hate and irrationality divide us.

How are you coping with the COVID-19 situation?

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