The reality today is bleak. There’s no sugarcoating that. From whichever angle you look at the global pandemic, you’re gonna find something that can send you into fits of anxiety.

But a big part of this problem can be attributed to the fact that we have been spending much of our abundant free time on social media. There’s a never-ending flow of news coming to us in waves as we scroll our screens up and down, and all we can do is react to it. The overload of info stays in the mind, and it can get overwhelming.

Reduce your news intake

There’s no point in obsessing over things we can do nothing about. Sure, it’s your duty to stay informed so you know how to act during this crisis. But if you’re doing your part staying indoors, practicing proper hygiene– a big plus if you’re joining donation drives to help your fellow human beings– then you’re actually helping in the collective move to contain the spread of COVID-19. It doesn’t have to reach the point in which you’d oblige yourself to feel bad for any bad event that makes it on the headlines every hour.

Find healthy distractions

A collapsing economy, a lonely isolation, worries over scarce resources: these things can take their toll on your mental health. It’s natural to feel bummed out by the crisis, but for the sake of your own sanity, maybe you could consider taking a break. Get out of social media. Start a new hobby. Immerse yourself in movies, series, music– one of the positive things about the global lockdown is that artists have more time crafting stuff, and you can see their works popping up all over the internet.

After all, we are in Holy Week. Without the virus, we would have been taking vacations in beautiful places. Some of us would have been spending good times with our relatives. Some might have used this time to reconnect with their spiritual self. 

We can still do some of these old habits, can’t we?

Despite everything, let’s try to find the good side of life! UdoU has prepared you a song playlist to keep you company as you detoxify yourself from the mental discomforts brought to you by the pandemic crisis.

Alone, Together- Joyce Pring feat. Victor Pring and DJ X Factor


This latest track of Joyce Pring feat. Victor Pring and DJ X Factor is arguably the most appropriate song to listen to during this quarantine. It serves as a much-needed reminder that we may be separated by distance, but you can still feel love and kindness being passed around. Take a look at the donation drives, fundraising movements, and free online concerts popping up all over the internet. We’re alone but we’re together more than ever!

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Digmaan- Quest feat. Julianne


As hinted in the title itself, this track by Quest is an intense, emotional outcry about persisting through hardships. It speaks on behalf of your personal heroes who back you up as you go battling with life. Ultimately, it talks about allowing the almighty God to interfere, as He’ll never ever let you down. Reinforced by its wild musical arrangement, it’s an uplifting song written to inspire people going through struggles.

Maybe the Night- Ben&Ben


You might have begun feeling bouts of loneliness at some point in this enhanced quarantine. Well, who can help you take away the lonely aspect of this isolation other than the ones quarantined with you? You don’t need to go far to find inspiration to keep you going. You’ve got a family, you have friends. Let the company of people you love serve as a reminder that we are never alone in this battle, we can get through it by staying together (emotionally, because we can’t get close physically due to the virus).

Liwanag- Divino Rivera


With poetic lyrics about the allure of life and a “Hallelujah”-filled chorus, this laid-back track by Divino Rivera will give you that kick of hope and positivity. Its arrangement that revolves around acoustic guitar and simple beats gives off feel-good country vibes– a nod to classic OPM sound we’ve grown up listening to. 

What song in this playlist did you like the most?

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Which song in this Holy Week playlist did you like the most?

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