Don’t know how to get through the ‘new normal’ era? Well, Reese Lansangan offers a great playlist to jam with while everything is getting more peculiar. 

Just in time when we can’t totally absorb all the changes served right in front of our doors, Reese Lansangan is here to tap our shoulders or open our eyes through her latest EP, ‘Playing Pretend in the Interim’. Given the struggle of producing music in the midst of a pandemic, still, Reese Lansangan released a five-track melancholic brilliant EP.

We could say that she pretty much summarized the isolation we experienced and entices us to dive into her new era of magic as well. 

“As a full-time songwriter, I’d say Playing Prentend EP is my version of “work from home”. The idea of writing in “3rd person” came to me in quarantine and this entire EP was recorded and produced from home. I would have done everything at Pointbee but with the threat of COVID, I questioned whether going to the studio was a necessity or a luxury.” Reese Lansangan expressed. 

On top of that, Reese is like giving us a taste of different perspectives through the lenses she’s offering. There are metaphorical senses and amazing uses of characters, having penned this whole EP with an honest take of how it is to live during the quarantine.

Well, if this quarantine is like a movie, her new tracks should be included as the official soundtrack or might as well the theme song when the credits roll by at the end of the film. And there are still tons of reasons why I would recommend you listen to her new EP. Read it down below! 

Ushering us the sad reality

Using contemplative lyricism, Reese Lansangan speaks about the importance of mindfulness during this time. In fact, she honestly wrote about hardship and privilege while we’re all hunkered down in our own respective homes. 

To tell you, her track ‘Extended Vacation’ first caught my attention and led me into the depth of her EP’s message. It may sound like a head-boppy track, but it unfolds a reality of what we have witnessed ever since lockdown. 


Extended Vacation came out of a heated conversation I overheard at a restaurant during my first time out post-enhanced community quarantine. The song hopes to be a fair take on our current reality in the pandemic through the lenses of hardship and privilege.”- Reese Lansangan

Aside from it, we can’t also escape the heartbreaking news about the passing or loss of loved ones due to the horrible Covid-19. We know that death is inevitable but it feels good when there’s a song that can comfort our lonesome hearts. 

When It Happens is about death and how we collectively mourn in public through different means. The tributes come in and it’s all we could ever talk about but after a week or a month, everybody moves on. I lost my father when I was very young and thought it unfair that people could go home and be okay right after, while I’m not. This song is an outpouring of things I often think about: passing & being forgotten, missing out on loved ones, but also living on – through stories, songs, and memory.”


Letting our Minds to Wonder

Since we are facing and trying to cope up with the ‘new normal’, the usual thing to do is to really explore the whole new world of opportunities particularly an encapsulation of desire. At some point, I found these two tracks below as a shape-shifting sound that underpins realizations on material things and being homesick for a new home.

“Mall Rats is a self-examination of my own relationship with consumption and material things. I lightly touch on themes of loneliness, discontent, and capitalism through the eyes of a girl in the middle of an abandoned mall.”


With its wonderful artsy lyric video, I am betting that many could relate to how Reese depicts a critique of the materialism we have that eventually leads us to loneliness. Moreover, she penned also a cute track about every living being is innately drawn to being homesick at the same time. Perhaps, this ‘New Era’ totally brought us to a peculiar place somehow. 


“Ghosting is an experimental riot of a song about a ghost searching for a new home. This idea was from an online writing prompt generator I came across during my 2-week long research for this EP. I had the funnest time putting myself in the shoes of a ghost (if ghosts had shoes) sleeping in a grand piano & getting booted out by a cat. Crazy things happen.”

A Work of Art

Upon listening to all of her tracks on her latest EP, of course, I don’t want to miss appreciating her prowess in writing these new masterpieces. Including how Reese contemplated the character of “The Encyclopedia Salesman”, where old can still be relevant.  

“The Encyclopedia Salesman is an imagined day in a life of a door-to -door salesman struggling to find his place and fulfill his purpose in the brink of the new millennium. I grew up sandwiched between the era of hardbound facts and digital information, but I spent many summers poring over my Childcraft and World Book volumes. There’s a sense of security that comes with owning words on a page and knowing they’ll never change. I think this song is a beautiful, melancholy narrative of finding a foothold through the passing of time.”


Aside from listening to her Ep, I also appreciate her lyric videos that showcase the pure magic of Louise Ramos. What’s more, Reese also premiering all of her lyric videos throughout this week!

So, if you don’t want to miss it just visit her Youtube Channel!

Overall, it is a calming wonder to the ears and Reese Lansangan definitely immersed us to see the world through a different lens. 


What do you think about the latest EP by Reese Lansangan, ‘Playing Pretend in the Interim’?

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