The 88rising’s queen is back!

We cannot deny how Niki gained international stardom by her down-to-earth tracks. And now, we are definitely served-well by her recent tracks for her forthcoming debut full-length album Moonchild that flaunts about self-growth and embracing one’s journey. 

Speaking of her recent tracks, Niki just released another track as an installment for her LP and we can’t help to dance by revealing her groovy, soulful and funky side! 

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Selene⁣. 7.16

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What’s more, her newly-released track ‘Selene‘ represents something deeper than its title. If you’re so into those Greek-thingy, ‘Selene’ stands for the Goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology, Moonchild’s more sensual alter ego that follows her story in Moonchild saga. Too interesting, right? Additionally, it also donates how she intensely overcomes her in this chapter.
In case you haven’t listen to it yet, check its stunning visualizer below!

Obviously, this song builds upon NIKI’s story from “Switchblade” bringing listeners further into the first phase of the album. To tell you, the track’s passionate adlibs set “Selene” apart from the rest of the album as an up-tempo song that will make listeners to groove even while we’re all in the midst of quarantine.

Moreover, this also showcase how Niki can be so flexible with her craft. 

“It’s about pure sensuality and femininity. I wanted to create a song specifically about the Goddess of the Moon who possesses Moonchild for a brief moment of naiveté and
recklessness.” Niki explained.

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“Selene” OUT NOW. link in bio. lyric video on youtube 🌬⁣ 🌙 ɹǝʌo uǝʞɐʇ s,ǝɥs 🌙

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Also, the ten-song Moonchild, is an ambitious concept album that traces Niki’s own journey while tackling universal themes of identity and empowerment. What’s not to like, right?

Plus, it also illuminates the linear path of youthful exploration through three lunar phases: crescent moon (innocence, curiosity, embarking), half-moon/eclipse (loss of hope, disillusionment) and full moon (self-discovery, strength). 

A full two years in the making, Moonchild has brought Niki together with such collaborators as producer/writer Jacob Ray, the producer collective Bekon & the Donuts (Kendrick Lamar, SZA), and Montreal producer Pomo (Anderson .Paak, Mac Miller), who is credited with additional production on “Selene”.

Overall, we cannot wait for what Niki has in store for us! For the meantime, let’s stream her tracks in all digital platforms while waiting for her ‘Moonchild’ album.


Are you loving her newest track “Selene“?

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