Finding light after dark, the new ‘Dusk’ EP of Mxmtoon totally offers us sanity even if our minds wreaks havoc.

If you love her previous ‘Dawn’ EP, for sure you’ll not forget also the blissful lyricism of the independent singer-songwriter, Mxmtoon’s newest EP, titled ‘DuskUpon listening to it, we could obviously see how Maia continues in her evolution as a ‘Pop Bedroom Empire Princess’, embarking on brand new more sophisticated sound while still exploring issues of loneliness, isolation but also self-empowerment.

Six months following the release of her Dawn EP, the missing tracks are currently slating different digital platforms, and here’s a ton of reasons why I would recommend you listen to her new EP. Read it down below!


To connect with her fans or to everyone in this world who also experienced loneliness during these times, ‘Dusk’ definitely elaborates reflective tracks that pertain to personal growth and relatable emotions. Simply put, it manages to serve us some perspective on the emotional side but in a balanced way. 

To immerse us fully, Maia also wants us to celebrate the release of her new EP with her new single ‘Wallflower’. If you haven’t heard it yet, well give it a listen below!


“At the beginning of my journey with music, i actually approached releasing my songs on the internet because i thought no one would listen to me. there was comfort in the anonymity, in thinking that i could shout into a void of people with no one to shout back at me. i got rather lucky though, and people found the art i was making. i wouldn’t change a thing in how my life has happened, but there are days where i crave backing into a wall and fading away as i watch the world go by. i think introverts can relate to this feeling of wanting to disappear and finding comfort in the shadows of the world. “wallflower” is for those who get overwhelmed on occasion by the realities of our world, and sometimes need to take a step back and breathe before they brave the storm again.”-Mxmtoon

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Finding the unknown

Well, even if her sounds gave us something upbeat and joyful vibes, it still leads us to something sound-sad, but beautiful. More so, it is also filled with softer and soulful moments of lyricism and musicality that Maia offers to the world.

“As we begin to settle into the latter half of the year, i think we all find ourselves in a point of reflection over how our lives have progressed or stalled over the past months. one thing i’ve found myself stewing on throughout the course of this year specifically, has been the idea of new beginnings, and trying to remind myself that you can always start new stories despite the dark. dusk is meant to serve as a reminder that life is cyclical. while that may be a scary reality to some, i find comfort in the idea that despite the chaos and strife we experience in our daily lives, there is always the opportunity to begin again. even in darkness we have the capacity to strive forward, sadness is just as much a part of living as happiness is. i hope that people can listen to these songs on this EP and find comfort in the knowledge that not everything will go smoothly, but how you rise to the occasion and learn from what you’ve encountered is the important part,” she added.

Perfect Collaborations

What’s more, for this EP she purposely chose to work with other bold and talented female artists including Carly Rae Jepsen for the anthemic “ok on your own” a song which has already been streamed over 2 million times and Merill Garbus from Tune-Yards to produce some of the songs.

Covered by everyone from The New York Times, Pitchfork, NPR, Rolling Stone and more it’s an undeniable song which sits perfectly alongside other key EP tracks like “bon iver.”


“One of the greatest privileges i’ve had since working on music is having the ability to involve other creative minds on my projects! the pages project for both dawn & dusk has been so fun to work on, and i’ve gotten to work with a difference artist for every song and have them create a visual component to the music. each artist works within their own style and the color palettes for each EP, and as a result we’ve gotten to make an extremely cool compilation of artwork that can essentially make a visual extension of the music,” Maia expressed.

Overall, I could honestly say that her two EP project is her best to date. It is a calming wonder to the ears and Maia has also enticed us sweetly to survive by breathing and being honest with ourselves. 


What do you think about the new EP by Mxmtoom, ‘Dusk’?

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