“Life has left them nothing now, no privilege to stay inside.”

As the pandemic Coronavirus revealed the clownery of our current government and irking upper to the middle class’ apathy, Filipino crooner Dane Hipolito aka “Jarlo Bâse” released a track called ‘Korona’ under Warner Music Philippines. The young and up-and-coming musician produced the song first on soundcloud to express his thoughts on the current situation of our country and now, we can hear it all in different digital platforms.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen below!

 Slamming doors by rapping

Written and produced by Jarlo himself, ‘Korona’ conveys about  having compassion and giving a piece of our minds are the most important things to have during this crisis . While others have comfort in the luxury, it’s quite obvious that many play ‘blind’ regarding with actual crisis that is happening our country. To be fair, Jarlo Base delivered his straightforward observations through his verses with a great lo-fi-hiphop-funk-fusion beat.

More so, his debut single urges the society to think of what’s the right thing to do instead of judging the less-unfortunate and taking advantage of them. Aside from public officials, there are also some celebrities and other people who are trying to waste their time in giving nonsensical comments on leaders who are trying to make good solutions amid the catastrophe.

‘Korona’ is really fueled with lyrics that we’re dying to hear while we’re all hunkered down in this isolation. And all we can do is to nod with this great song.

“It bothers me a lot. I’m having a hard time accepting the things happening around us right now. Ang hirap isipin na ganon pala talaga tayo kabulag sa mga tunay na nangyayari sa bansa natin. We’re all living inside bubbles. It’s frustrating to say the least. I mean, I’m not angry at anyone in particular. It’s just really frustrating to see the huge disparity and the lack of concern and empathy.” stated by Jarlo during his interview with ABS-CBN.

With all that being said, this song can absolutely be the chill rap anthem for our country’s current situation and we cannot deny that more songs like this will be produced if our situation will stay the same in following months.

We also cannot wait what Jarlo Base has in store for us! So, stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to stream his debut single on Spotify too!

What do you think about Jarlo Base debut single ‘Korona’?

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