Why The 1975’s ‘Guys’ made us more Emotional

“The best thing that ever happened…”

After dropping ‘If you’re too shy’, the band released another single, ‘Guys’ as an installment for their upcoming fourth album Notes on a Conditional Form. If the previous track conveys about details on online romance with a mystery girl, ‘Guys’ will probably shed you some tears as the track was weaved like a love letter for the band’s two decades of friendship.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen below!

Who cried after listening to it? To tell you, there is so much genuine love in this mid-tempo song that portrays how special the bond is between the quartet. In line with that, you can feel how it shares the pure and naive sentimentality of the band.

Like who could have thought that they’re gonna get this far and discovered a legitimate friendship, right? From performing when they were teenagers to being a famous Eighties synthpop band, this band definitely deserves all the love that they are receiving from their fans.

“It came quite easy that song, but I think I just wanted to write a love letter to friendship, as opposed to every love song being about our romantic relationships. I think that our friendships are obviously our most formative relationships. So shout out to the homies.” Matty Healy expressed.

If you’re looking forward to hear the whole album, let’s all wait until May 22 as Matty Healy described their latest album as the realest and quite earnest tracks! Also, in the weeks leading up to the release of Notes on a Conditional Form, the band has been hosting listening parties every Friday on Twitter and Spotify.

“I don’t really look back very much either in that regard, like properly sentimentally. It’s just nice to have one moment of pure, genuine soppy, naive sentimentality. That is a massive ingredient in being a person.” he added.

While waiting for ‘Notes on a Conditional Form’ album release date, you can stream their songs on Spotify!

What do you think about The 1975 single track ‘Guys’ ?

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