As the strange days roll by, Hayley Williams dropped ‘My Friend’ as an ode to our pals.

Just like anyone of us, Hayley Williams is practicing social distancing, too. But that doesn’t stop her from sharing her songs and visuals for her upcoming Petals for Armor solo album.

In case you didn’t know yet, the frontwoman of Paramore is currently working on her solo album which has nearly-weekly installment of new tracks. She released last February the first batch of tracks featuring ‘Simmer‘, ‘Leave it alone’, ‘Creepin’, ‘Cinnamon’ and ‘Sudden Desire’. Now, the densely rhythmic alt-pop song ‘My Friend’ dropped last week as another installment for the second batch of her debut album including ‘Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris’, and ‘Over Yet’. Check out the video below.


With a quirky, simple DIY compilation video, My Friend’s lyric video made us to miss our dearest friends who are distant to us. The video is comprised with heartwarming clips of Hayley hanging with her bandmates, and HMUA friend. If you truly love your pals like Hayley, ‘My Friend’ probably made you yearn for you friends because of this extended coronavirus quarantine.

“I want people to be able to take time to get to know each song and I’m really hoping to find creative ways to introduce them to you,” Hayley expressed.

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“we stay safe together. escape death forever.” 🌺🌺🌺 tag somebody you’d ride off a cliff in a convertible with.

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To tell you, the lyrics of the song also convey how we treasur our friends even in worst situations. It may be a small circle of friends, well at least we have a genuine gem that we can count on until our hair turns gray.

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credits for “MY FRIEND” 🖤

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So, aside from listening and getting immersed with the song,  we can share this to our dearest pals as a love letter to them. Knowing that there maybe a long weeks of being distant to them, somehow we can still reach them through the lyrics of this song.

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For now while waiting for her full album, stream her EPs on Spotify!

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