Marc, Janus, Jon, and Marlo Naval have been bustling all around the Philippines to fire up crowds. Beyond the pumping tunes, they’ve also been stretching themselves towards different business ventures. With this level of success, the Naval Brothers have made sure to keep their heads screwed on tight.

Band of Brothers

Even as individuals, the brothers have proven their first names worthy. Marc’s extensive list of club residencies include Embassy Superclub, REPUBLIQ, and Valkyrie with brother Marlo. Janus has played at nightclubs like CHAOS and more intimate venues like Tipple & Slaw while Jon plays for the group Natural Born Klubbers (NBK) and is a full-time family man.

Together, they’ve instituted some of the best gastropubs around the metro—The Reserve Liquor Lounge, LOCALE Gastrobar, Tipple & Slaw, and Nav – Modern Thai Cuisine to name a few. The Naval Brothers have created a space for their friends and family to hang out, complete with delectable dishes and a chilled out atmosphere.

Individual Identities

As the team and I waited for the brothers to arrive, we looked through the menu of The Reserve Liquor Lounge. I settled on an order of Spicy TD Roll: tuna, dried dulong, Sriracha mayo, and spring onions. To tell you guys it was delicious is an understatement; the flavors, texture, and spice blended perfectly on my palate. It’s definitely a must try when you drop by the lounge.

The individuality of Marc and Jon comes out during the beginning of the interview. Marc’s musicality began with alternative, rock, and old school hip hop. Jon, on the other hand, began liking electronical house and the subgenres of trance. However, the brothers come back during performances in notable clubs like The Palace.

As they continue their reign in the local club scene, they’re planning to use AfterParty as an easier way to connect with their fans. This “levelled-up social media platform” will help them have a better overview of their fan engagement. As part bar owners, it also helps their bars get more food traffic. We agree with you guys—it’s totally a win-win situation.

All four brothers will be living it up for What’s Your Cool on August 26! Stay tuned for more.

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