Somewhere between the loud music, shots, and great food of Reserve, DJ X-Factor cheerily sat down with us for a chat.

The Veteran

Introduced simply as X, he explains that he’s been involved in music for a long time. His liking for hip hop and pop started him off as a radio and showcase DJ. From there, he made sure to perfect the craft he loved so dearly. He showed off his sick scratching skills—something that takes years to learn, and then another few years to perfect—at the Philippine DMC Finals where he won first place. On top of that, he was awarded “Club DJ of the Year” at the 2012 Urban Music Awards. He has fans all over Asia and Europe where he drops by to play for full-packed superclubs.

Continuing the Legacy

After years in the industry, you’d think he just wants to kick back and relax, right? Well, that’s not the case; he still wants to make people get up on their feet and dance, and they can continue doing so with AfterParty. As an artist, he looks forward to the mobile app’s convenience in comparison to other social media platforms.

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