No one can move a crowd like DJ Rico Arce. His expert navigation through musical peaks will pull on anyone’s heartstrings.

A Connection with the Crowd

As an open format DJ, Rico bases his track selection on the crowd. He’s honed the gift of carefully yet swiftly curating an arrangement of songs that will surround the fitting mood of the crowd. Nothing feels forced with Rico’s sets, because he knows what to drop and when to drop it. That kind of talent comes with the experience he’s brought with him throughout the years. Whichever nightclub or bar you speak of, there’s a high chance this DJ has pulled his magic there. From the early days of Skye, URBN BGC, and Imperial to The Palace and 71 Gramercy, Rico’s done it all.

Finding the Right Comrades

Being tagged as the “Crowd Favorite DJ in Manila” comes with a tightly packed schedule. He’s literally all over the Metro, but catching him live is an absolute must. The AfterParty app connects Rico to the people he needs to connect with such as fans and other musicians. Not everyone on your social media platforms are friends you actually go to parties with, but on AfterParty, everyone’s down for anything!

Catch him collab with DJ David Ardiente on August 26 for What’s Your Cool at URBN QC!

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