WHAT’S YOUR COOL: DJ Marc Marasigan

The skies were crying by the time we arrived. Katipunan was cold, dark, and filled with the long lines of red car lights. As we entered Beat Project Manila, however, the cordial vibe and bright space made us forgot all about it.

The Many Faces of Marc Marasigan

The first thing that comes to a person’s mind when they hear the name Marc Marasigan is “DJ”. They’re not wrong, but they’re also not completely right. He might be best known for spinning in the hottest clubs and biggest parties in Metro Manila, but the man is also an entrepreneur, avid sneakerhead, and devoted family man.

With a desire to leave a legacy for the next generation of DJs, Marc along with Aryan Magat and Travis Monsod set up Beat Project Manila (BPM). Their goal is not to teach style or music preference, but to teach the basics so the student can find their own groove. None of them want to continue spinning every night when they reach their 50s, but with BPM, they’ll still be part of the scene they know and love.

Busy Bee

His residencies and gigs in places like URBN QC and Hideout packs his weekly schedule. With AfterParty, fans and friends can come together in a community where he can share all his events without jumping from platform to platform. With one click on your smartphone, you can follow Marc and many other local artists for their gig schedules and future festival dates.

Catch Marc Marasigan pair up with DJ Sho Isomura on August 26 for the biggest back to college party of the year: What’s Your Cool in URBN QC!

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