First up on the bill is DJ John “Knoxville” Monreal.

John Monreal aka Knoxville

Before residencies in the area of Cebu, this DJ started out as a drummer for a band. That position sparked his interest and influenced his skill in mixing. The release of his “Okay Thanks” mixtape with MVRCO shows a different side to him, prompting him to re-brand as Knoxville. “Okay Thanks” holds a slow and steady pace in the beginning, but gets you excited with a hip hop influenced peak. From holding residencies in the Metro’s hottest superclubs to playing in more intimate locations, Knoxville’s creative mind has landed him a prized slot in Road to Ultra: Philippines.

Staying in the Scene

As he continues to solidify his position in the Manila club scene, he finds comfort in being the driving force behind AfterParty. The all-in app helps DJs like Knoxville connect with their fans in a way that’s much more direct than other social media platforms. AfterParty’s integration gives the artists an advantage over the others and in this industry, that’s always a good thing.

Catch him partner up with Alex Wong for What’s Your Cool on August 26! We’ve got more artist features coming your way, so keep posted.

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