David Ardiente is one of the most hard working DJs in the industry and that is a fact.

An Early Passion

During high school, David already knew his career path involved music. He formed a DJ group called Mixed Audio who provided music and lights systems to high school dances, parties, and soirees. Once he got a residency in a club down south, the ball hasn’t stopped rolling. David is one of the few people in this world to have been blessed with a talent for spinning and a golden voice which he has put to good use. The show “David’s House” on 99.5 remained to be the biggest and longest-running dance music show on air. His new show “Club Play” remains on 99.5 PLAY FM on Friday evenings. Additionally, you can recognize his voice in numerous TVCs, malls, and corporate launches. From spinning sets at superclub CHAOS to headlining festivals, David’s always pushing his talent to great heights.

Sharing Experiences

The AfterParty app provides a platform for artists like David to share what they’re doing and to invite fans to their events in the quickest way possible. He believes that feedback is an important part of staying in this industry, and AfterParty provides him that so he can continue bettering himself.

He’ll be pairing up with DJ Rico Arce on August 26 for What’s Your Cool at URBN QC! You can’t miss this collab.

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