BSTRDPRNCE and VELLE make for a riotous duo. The two like to talk, but they’re the kind of people that could go on for hours and you would never get bored. The passion they have for their music and their community is evident, and they’re unapologetically themselves.

The Alternative Background

Behind the persona BSTRDPRNCE is a boy who grew up listening to rock from his uncle and new wave from his mother. Raised in Chicago, Jared Celemin knew he wanted to do music at a young age. School might not have been his interest, but his talent and dedication to his craft brought him to places where most of us could only dream of—a set at the annual Lollapalooza music festival, and touring with of the Black Eyed Peas. His stint with the Fil-Am musician resulted in a multitude of collaborations and wacky stories he lives to tell today. His musical influences align with our girl Velle who’s deeply rooted to rock and grew up in the glory days of alternative, emo, post-hardcore, and metalcore.

Getting Up Close and Personal

Velle and Jared’s commitment enabled them to take the next step in a musician’s career. They currently manage Emoji Records, a label whose mission is to unearth and introduce the best undiscovered electronic dance music producers to the world. As the one stop shop for all your event needs, they’ll be able to show off their gems in the most convenient way possible with AfterParty! The next level connection artists and fans will have with this app guarantees that you’ll be the first one to hear about the hottest events happening in town.

Catch BSTRDPRNCE and VELLE put on one hell of a show on August 26 for What’s Your Cool at URBN QC!

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