Quarantine hath no match to an artist on lockdown.


This 2020, the world took a staggering blow from an unexpected perpetrator that rendered most of the population locked down in their homes, away from loved ones, without outdoor work, quarantined from society.

Musicians are no different from us and have also been disallowed outside the past few months where we consequently saw a swift drop in live performances that which artists thrive in. Some artists however saw this as more than an obstacle but rather a challenge, to get creative on ways of releasing content for the world to enjoy.

Where we saw a downward trend on outdoor live performances, we then saw an uptake on live performances on online platforms. Artists have come up with a myriad of ways to not only release new music for their own gain but to help lighten up the dreary times.

Apart from live performances online, check out these artists who took it a step further and went on to release entire music videos in the time of COVID-19.

Twenty One Pilots – Level of Concern

One of the pioneers of quarantine music video, this duo sprinkled a little bit of their fun into at-home music video production.


Drake – Toosie Slide

The superstar r&b artist released a now trending dance challenge based on this music video where he basically shows off his lavish Toronto mansion and which ends in a very Drake fashion, fireworks in his backyard.


Katy Perry – Daisies

In a simple slip dress and set against the zen of nature, a pregnant Katy Perry performs her song ‘Daisies’ in stark contrast with her usual visual-orgasm aesthetic for music videos.


Jacob Collier – All I Need feat TY Dolla $ign and Mahalia 

This music video boasts of its charming phenakistoscope animation is definitely up there in the Quarantine Music Video category by taking the unconventional route that truly did not make it seem like it was done in quarantine.


John Legend – Bigger Love

Legend’s latest release probably takes the cake as the champion of Quarantine Music Videos which shows people from across the globe dancing and spreading the love despite being physically apart.


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How are you getting creative in quarantine?

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