What is the Surname of Filipina Singer ‘Nina’?

Now that we’re back to ECQ just like the old days, so is the big, bad boredom in our lives– the sort of boredom we used to alleviate by making Dalgona Coffee and giving in to TikTok’s temptation. Recently, the same struggle of having excessive free time at home caused the netizens to bring up the age-old mystery surrounding a veteran music artist, specifically her surname, or her lack thereof.

Nina, famously dubbed as the Diamond Soul Siren, trended early this week for two reasons. First, she reintroduced her iconic live jam session entitled ‘Nina Live!’ on her Facebook page, which treated fans to a series of performances featuring her biggest hits like “Sunlight,” “Someday” and “Why Can’t It Be.” Second, because her 3-hour live stream became a trending topic on Twitter, it consequently tapped on the fact a lot of fans even from the early days of her career are still unaware of her surname.

Well, what is Nina’s surname?

Some people might be guessing it’s Natuto, but no. OPM legend Gary V. has a song called Di Na Natuto, but there’s no OPM artist named Nina Natuto.

It’s not Muli, either. Nina Muli could be another person (or another song), but it’s definitely not the one who popularized ‘Love Moves in Mysterious Ways’ in the country.

It’s not Bonnevie, either. There’s an actress named Dina Bonnevie, but from what we’ve heard there is no singer named Nina Bonnevie.

And no! It’s most definitely not Live. Nina Live! is every tito and tita’s go-to concert footage when they want to just chill over a beer and a plate of sisig.

Well, we’ve probably extended the suspense for too long. The answer is… Girado. She was born as Marifil Niña Girado, turned into a superstar known as just ‘Nina‘, and then got married and became Marifil Niña Girado-Enriquez. Happy now?

Check out the new Nina Live below!


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