As Music Dive relaunches through its own channel with the goal of becoming bigger and better… It’s time to tell you guys what the Music Dive channel is all about!

Music Dive is composed of two acoustic song performances, an interview, and a game. The segment was started out by U Do U just February of 2019 with the goal of getting to know the artists more by inviting them to our studio. Their stories, how they honed their craft, and how they decided to make a career out of their passion. Because I stand by with the thought that, “With every song, there is a musical journey”.

Our first Music Dive guest was none other than Jello Reyes! Check out our episodes with him and with other artists under the U Do U Channel now!

Music Experience, another segment by U Do U, is taking a look at our local scene by going to gigs and even big music events. With the goal of promoting our OPM scene, I attend these gigs to show you guys what you are missing out. Our OPM scene is very underrated, the message that I wish to convey to our audiences is how a lot of people won’t hesitate to spend a lot of money for international acts. But with gigs, you’ll only have to pay for Php 250-300 door charge and the experience will be definitely amazing and unique. Check out some of our previous episodes now!

Through the continuous support that both segments are getting, we’ve decided to push out a better and bigger Music Dive and Music Experience. That’s why last month, we relaunched the Music Dive channel and under it is the existing Music Experience segment. With it, we are introducing a new vlog content featuring me and music-related chitchat, the Micdrop.

How I started to love the Philippine music scene

Picture this. A young girl wearing all pink—from her scrunchie to her clothes, and up to her shoes. But instead of actually wearing her pink jammies and already tucked in bed… She’s out and about at the backstage of some concert grounds, bopping her head to the music of local bands.

Yup, as early as around 7 years old, my mom and her friends would already bring me to open ground concerts and music festivals. Of course, at that time, I had no idea who was performing and why are people so crazy over them. My mom and her friend would even bring me up on stage! There, I got to meet the members of the band and had them sign my posters of them. I did that a lot of times than I could count. And growing up, I realized why I knew all the lyrics to Mayonnaise, Kamikazee, Parokya Ni Edgar, Callalily, and so on.

Being a music content creator was a path I didn’t know I wanted

When I’ve hit college, I’ve been more exposed to our local music scene. Attending to gigs and falling in love with is one thing. However, through U Do U, I did more than just listen and add songs to my playlist. I have so much love for OPM with no outlet as I have no musical talents of any sort. That’s why now,  I pour my love for the local scene by promoting artists that I know deserve to be heard. I never thought about hosting to be quite honest, I’m still getting used to talking in front of a camera. But with all the passion and love I have for the Philippine music scene, I’ll continue improving myself in order to give more when it comes to helping our local artists. Not only that but also to serve as a bridge for you guys to discover them.

The relaunching of Music Dive

During my birthday gig last month, I invited artists to perform on my very special night. We had Jello Reyes, MNTKLYA, PusaKalye, MilesExperience, and FourPlay to give everyone such a great time with their amazing music. That birthday gig best represents the relationship I have formed through Music Dive and Music Experience and how I continue to give my all when it comes to promoting our local artists. Learn more about the vision and mission behind the Music Dive channel now!

Music Dive is being relaunched through its own Youtube channel with its own social media platforms. But before we get to the main segment of the channel, let’s talk about the other ones under it that you should also watch out for!


In order to give more relatable and entertaining contents, I decided to add a Micdrop segment for the Music Dive channel. This will be all about vlogs ranging from talks such as reacting to hugot songs, playlist sharing, and everything music-related that you can think of. I am working out on curating more and more contents that I think will be helpful for you guys to discover more local artists while enjoying at the same time. Some of the micdrop vlogs I have in store for you guys will actually be featuring artists as well, so better stay tuned!

For now, get to know me as we start off Micdrop with an ice breaker right here:

Music Experience

Music Experience started just a little bit before the Music Dive segment. It’s actually a very important part of Music Dive as it helps me discover and scout artists that I haven’t had the chance to see live yet. As Music Dive relaunches, Music Experience will be another segment under it, but it’ll be turned into vlog-style video content so as the audience will be able to relate more. There will be Music Experience interview contents too! Check out our talk with Sir Monty, frontman of Mayonnaise and founder of Yellow Room Music Philippines during the Yellow Room 6nniversary Thanksgiving Concert!

Music Dive

Music Dive always focuses on the artists and the stories of how they were able to give us their masterpiece. As it relaunches, my team and I promise to give you bigger and better content every month. From rising artists that you should watch out for and as well as artists that you already fell in love with.

Here’s the first Music Dive episode under its very own channel, featuring everybody’s new favorite, Arthur Nery!

We have such amazing artists in store for you guys so brace yourselves, everyone! Not only that, but we’re actually announcing a Music Dive OPM Nights coming your way real soon! Expect a great gig event featuring some of our previous guest from Music Dive. So better stay tuned and subscribe to our Youtube channel now and don’t forget to check us on our Instagram and Twitter too!

If you have any questions or suggestions for Music Dive, don’t hesitate to chat us on our Facebook page! Keep on supporting our local artists!