Alone Together- Joyce Pring

A collab between Joyce Pring, Victor Pring, and DJ X Factor, Alone Together is the perfect anthem to dance to when the quarantine is giving you bouts of loneliness.

Manalangin- The Juans

A song about hope and braving through storm, The Juans brings us to a musical spiritual journey that hopefully eases our lockdown anxieties.

Ikaw- Autotelic

Ikaw by Autotelic shows us the painful struggle of being stuck on someone.


31 by Endstreet serves as a bittersweet closure from our loved ones who unfortunately left us.

Huwag Ka Sanang Magagalit- Unique Salonga

Unique Salonga creates an anthem for introverts and anyone who struggles to speak their minds.

Sabi ng Lola- Moira Dela Torre

With Moira’s heavenly voice, this track is like a yearning lullaby that flaunts sweet nostalgic advices from our beautiful grandmothers.

Sampaguita- Juan Karlos ft. Gloc-9

A project of juan karlos band and hip hop icon gloc-9, Sampaguita is a heart-wrenching track about the struggles of an OFW.

Dream- Donny Pangilinan & Andreah

Composed and directed by Donny Pangilinan, Dream conveys the story of two people yearning for their fancy dreams.

Teka Lang- EMMAN

Bursting with Lofi hip-hop vibes, Teka Lang is crafted with chill beats and serenading lyrics.

Bakas ng Talampakan- December Avenue

Not a heartbreak song we usually get from them but rather an emotional call for listeners to rise up despite the difficult circumstances they’re facing. Something to uplift our spirits during this nationwide lockdown.

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