Yes, you’ve heard it right! Voting for our Top 10 Songs of the Week will resume tomorrow!

We are so grateful to our growing supporters and to everyone who understood the maintenance that we implemented for weeks to make sure that our entire platform is sustaining quality, insightful, and integrity-driven content. Just like what we promised, we are glad enough to announce that our readers and pollsters can finally cast their votes again! yay!

That being said, we will officially resume featuring and voting for your favorite artists in our TOP 10 polls by tomorrow, September 1, 2020.


How to vote?

As we aim to feature fresh OPM hits and give support to our music industry even further, we are relaunching a new edition of voting for our Top 10 Songs of the Week! Whether it’s not your first to vote, we are encouraging everyone to log in first before they cast their votes.

We believe that this is essential to ensure fair voting and simply put, to avoid bots. Moreover, you can find below our enhanced mechanics before placing your votes on our polls by tomorrow.

  • Make sure to login in first before voting.
  • Multiple votes will be continued but is limited to 10 votes a day.
  • Voters will be able to invite friends to vote for their favorite artist.

Again uDOu greatly appreciates the continued and growing support from our readers. We will continue to build the future of our platform based on the integrity of our content showcasing the OPM scene we all love and desperately need right now more than ever, knowing that music is that reliable shoulder to lean on during these times.


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