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Welcome to the latest edition of U DO U’s Top Asian Hits! Today, we’re presenting you with a set of top tracks that slated Asian regions even global stardom! Whether it’s not your first time to vote, we are encouraging everyone to log in first before they cast their votes. Know that you can also vote ten times a day.

To give you a little refresher, SB19 notched the first spot with their track ‘Go Up’Today, let’s see who will claim the Top Spot for this week! Polls will be open until November 20 at 6 pm, and we’ll release the full run-down of our Top Asian Hits later that night! Watch out for the results this coming Friday, November 20!

Here’s the official line up of the Asian hits that made on our list:

I Can’t Stop Me by Twice

With over 100 million views on Youtube, the latest music video of TWICE soared swiftly that eventually became a record-breaking for the popular Kpop group. Additionally, through ‘I Can’t Stop Me’, the nine-piece girl Kpop group delivers their stunning, non-stop choreography.

You can see the girls slating their MV fiercely and actually imbued with high-fashion black-and-yellow outfits that brought us the nostalgic iconic plaid from the 1995’s film Clueless. Who doesn’t love it, right?

Moreover, ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ serves as the lead single for their sophomore Korean-language studio set, Eyes Wide Open, which was released under Republic Records/JYP Entertainment.


+H₩A+ by CL

The queen of Kpop has slated the digital platforms again and reclaims her throne through her single ‘HWA‘. With sharp rap verses that deliver scathing critique about haters, CL bravely spoke her mind and flaunts her bratty side in its music video.

Upon listening to it, her rapping prowess is on full display where you can hear how she played well with swiftly shifting Korean and English verses. Also, while she’s hitting those booming bass lines and head-boppy beats.  

On top of that, “HWA” is an installment for CL’s long-awaited debut solo album, ALPHA. Yay! Know that it will be released also on November 30th.


Party Starter by Arashi

Serving their good vibes and that Jpop that you shouldn’t miss, Japanese boyband, ‘Arashi‘ released their latest single ‘Party Starters‘ under J Storm Inc. In case you don’t know yet, Arashi is one of the bestselling Japanese boy bands in history. 


Aya by Mamamoo

MAMAMOO, the K-pop divas have slated multiple digital platforms again with their latest single ‘Mamamoo‘. To tell you, their track ‘Aya‘ showcases the feisty and trend-setter side of the Kpop girl group. 

With animal print fashion style, the song actually embraces a metaphorical sense or aftermath of bravely scraping-off that the lingering feelings after a painful breakup. 

Comprised of four very talented women with amazing personalities, MAMAMOO is one-of-a-kind in the K-pop industry. Coming from Rainbow Bridge World (RBW) in South Korea, the four-piece girl band is absolutely known for their talent and incomparable stage presence. What’s more, they are recognized for their retro, jazz, R&B concepts, and their strong vocal performances.

Consisting of Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa, MAMAMOO is a group that you really should check out and stan. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


Plot Twist by NIKI

Indonesia’s rising star, Niki Zefanya dropped another magical music video as a follow-up to her newly released debut album, ‘Moonchild’. Her outstanding music video is directed by Tom Teller, whose previous work includes other music videos with NIKI.

In the visual, the first lady of 88rising wanders through seasons and mystical backdrops that show a snowy landscape overlooking the moon and a starry night sky. 

Plot Twist‘ wraps up the album’s video trilogy after releasing ‘Switchblade’ and ‘Lose’.


Like You Do by Joji

After dropping his album, ‘Nectar’, many of his fans absolutely love the track ‘Like You Do‘ and covered it on Youtube. The half-Japanese 88rising star has nailed it again through his soulful voice and such beautiful, heart-wrenching lyricism. 

And yes, with his exceptional vocals and weird-but-interesting music videos, we could say that Joji definitely made his fans again hooked with his track. Moreover, to those who don’t know this yet, ‘Like You Do’ is one of the installment singles for his latest album, Nectar


B.Y.S by Keshi

Featuring a bank heist, Keshi released its intense brand new music video for ‘B.Y.S‘. He actually dressed with his team withh a Japanese fox (or kitsune) masks to embark on an bank. This is a follow up to the Asian-American pop artist’s latest six-track EP, ‘Always‘. 

Known for his melancholic, heartstrings-tugging songwriting, Casey Luong or more famously known as Keshi found his passion in music at the age 12 from his grandfather, who possessed a “fat classical guitar” and a music book in Vietnamese.

Moreover, the rising Lo-fi Hip-hop graduate is continuously slating the digital platforms with his recent releases and online interviews. His creativity totally reaches global fandom with his bedroom lo-fi beats with a blend of guitar-driven sound. 


The Rose by Renee Dominique, Bloome

Imbues with Electro-pop and vintage music video, Renee Dominique is back with her latest track, ‘The Rose‘ with a collaboration with Bloome!

To tell you, their song is a catchy feel-good vibe track that reflects on the different beauty of women, inside and out. In case you haven’t listened to it yet, you can freely watch its music video below to see it for yourself. 


Blue Hour by TXT

With their boy-next-door visuals, TXT returns with a funky and amazing music video for ‘Blue Hour‘. The Kpop boy group definitely shows-off their energetic dance move with a disco genre and expressed boy’s complex emotions through this track.

In case you don’t know yet, they are BTS’ labelmates! TXT or Tomorrow X Together is BigHit Entertainment’s latest boy group. And just recently, the five-member boy group debuted with their first mini-album, ‘The Dream Chapter: STAR’. The group consists of Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai.


Why Not by Loona

Loona is definitely back with a blast of their music video of ‘Why Not’! With awesome neon lights and a dash of mystical, the Kpop girl group totally showcase their synchronize dance moves on the music video of ‘Why Not‘.

In case you need to know more on LOONA (like us), the group comprises of 12 very adorable and talented members, namely: HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, ViVi, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye. If you are waiting for their comeback, know that recently they just released their album ‘12:00′!


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