If the sound of the rain isn’t enough to hush the voices in your head, then you probably need a good setlist of tracks on your playlist.

Some needs a good pair of pajama or a soft hoodie, some wants a sip of coffee that warms your belly but most of the time, it’s the comforting tune of music that perfectly much to a series of pattering sound of the rain. While the gloomy sky continually feeds us with sentiments, we’d figured that we at least share you our tracks to play while staring at your windows or waiting patiently for the rain to stop.

That being said, we prepared our handpicked songs that range from our preferred genres that will definitely sooth your soul indoors! Bet that through this you’ll eventually also get to us know by our tracks. So, give it a listen and jam with us even tho we’re all away from each other. Who knows you might pick some gem add them into your playlist. *winks

Charles’ Playlist

Exploring a wistful kind of tracks, you better listen to the notable playlist of Charles. As he patterned phrases for his articles, these tracks with strings, brass and all the arrangements were mostly quite internal, will totally keep you sane even the raining pouring outside.

So, for a playlist with a pile sentiments, you better dive into the world of Charles now!


Maxine’s Playlist

There’s absolutely a genuine feeling whenever we discovered a great indie track, right? Whether it’s an OPM or tracks from our neighboring countries, we cannot deny how much we treasure their melodies. From cherry melodies to the sad ones that will totally make you stare at the rain dropping from your window pane, it’s time to give a listen for her playlist below.

To tell you, Maxine has a slew of great gems that you should be adding to your playlist. Who knows, you might thank her for these songs that you need to hear.


Kayli’s Playlist

Just like other people who hated the rain before, there’s a total spin of preference of music when you began falling in love with the rain. Other than just looking at everything, you can feel the bliss of a certain moment when you match it with perfect tunes. 

And aside from the list that I’ve been sharing for our Music segment, let me also share the treasured tracks that I indulge during cold weather or whenever I weave verses for my poems. So, let me give you a piece of my sheer love for music and you can have it below! *winks

Ashley’s Playlist

To add some mood for creating graphics, Ashley’s playlist is definitely a set of #sentitracks that suits for a cup of coffee. I could honestly say that her setlist is perfectly fine for the melancholic weather or for the pouring rain outside. 

So, if you’re totally looking for tracks to keep your sanity when designing, you better check out now her playlist!

 Peter’s Playlist

If you’re looking for a bright blend of hip-hop, jazz and bedroom pop, Peter has a perfect playlist that slated mostly by the tracks of Rex County Orange! Who doesn’t like his tunes during this gloomy days, right? With coupled soulful lyricism with a dash of sharp bars from other international artist, this will helped you quickly to put your mood on the musical map.

This will also gonna get all of that what’s in your chest and say a lot of things through this playlist! Check it now below!

Ash’s Playlist 

For a setlist of tracks that are sprinkled with head-boppy beats, you better listen to the playlist of our amazing Animator, Ash. He’s definitely good at making awesome animations and we bet that his tracks tuned his creativity even if we’re all feeling gloomy during this kind of weather.

I believe that artists somehow revealed their personality through their arts so, this playlist would totally take us on an uncharted journey of his mind. Check it now below!


Feliz’s Playlist


With a dash of mixtures of genres, Feliz’s playlist will absolutely hype one’s mood that tones down for a couple of minutes to rest your ears with acoustic tracks. If you’re looking for a setlist of tracks that made you dance or jam along with the rhythm, this playlist suits for you!

Still got those jaded eyes because of these gloomy days? Give it a listen below to see it for yourself.


Did our playlist boost your mood during rainy days?

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