In recent years of extreme digital transformation, it looks as if the world as we know it has fully morphed into a rabbit hole of an endless amount of fresh art, film, and other media.

Not the least of these exciting foreign bits of culture has remained untouched/unknown,  and with the recent rise of Hallyu, also known as the Korean wave, the idea that an Asian country’s pop culture could grow in such prominence to become a major driver of global culture, is no longer just a dream. It is rather, now a reality that stares us right in the face. (And we are all for it!) 

Pushing boundaries further with uDOu Beyond

uDOu as a platform has always strived for indie & upcoming artists’ in the Philippines to be known and lifted up, and we have done this through a variety of promotions centered around these aspiring artists.

But, with the inspiration brought about by other Asian artists hitting the western hemisphere (like 88rising) and with our own dose of Asian recognition, we had to re-group. We looked at options on how we can take our current initiative one-step further, and alas! The long road towards uDOu Beyond was born. 

Introducing uDOu Beyond

What is uDOu Beyond? I’d say in simple terms, it is a collective effort to transcending barriers by focusing on what matters: Music & Culture.

Almost a year in the making, uDOu Beyond, in collaboration with Taiwan Beats, co-created and envisioned a different kind of showcase through cultural exchange between two pioneer bands. 

These are in the hopes of encouraging a mix and mesh between cultures that will enable both countries to widen their spectrum in music.

The Pioneer Bands

Showcasing Filipino talent around the globe was not hard. I mean, there’s that well-known tag of Filipinos being really good singers. That being said, the big challenge here is picking that one artist that will truly represent Filipino music. I mean, how do you choose which one to feature? (See our dilemma?)

Thankfully, we have worked with a lot of artists in our almost 5 years stay here in the Philippine music scene, so we do know which ones are capable of stepping up to the plate to join this movement.


Mayonnaise band for uDOu Beyond
Mayonnaise band for uDOu Beyond

Arguably one of the most notable and OG bands in the country, Mayonnaise was our pick. The band chose its name in honor of the song “Mayonaise” by The Smashing Pumpkins. They were originally formed in 2002 with current members: 

Monty Macalino – lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar, keyboard synthesizer (2002–present),
Shan Regalado – drums, percussion (2002–present)
Carlo Servano – lead and rhythm guitar (2013–present); backing vocals (2017–present)
Nikki Tirona – bass guitar, backing vocals (2014–present)
Keano Swing – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2017–present)

Looking back, we can note that through their debut self-titled album, Mayonnaise, we saw some of the greatest Pinoy hits like “Jopay”, “Bakit Part 2” and many others which became a radio airplay hit. 

The group from then till 18 years later (it is their 18th year anniversary this year) has shown us a never-ending dedication to Pinoy music. They have consistently pushed out new music including collaborations with Barbie Almabis with their recent single: “Kutis” amongst all other musically inclined projects that truly support the local music community. 

Some of these projects include Monty Macalino’s various music pursuits like the Yellow Room Music Philippines, an independent record label that not only supports and hones up & coming indie artists’ but also offers recording & rehearsal studio services including online mixing and mastering. Lastly, it is also worth mentioning that they have a Music School for both professional and amateur musicians located at Ayala Alabang & Ortigas. 

If you wanna know more about them just visit for more info. (I’m pretty sure, we can all do with improving our musical talents especially in this new normal!)


88Balaz band for uDOu Beyond
88Balaz band for uDOu Beyond

With the help of Taiwan Beats, we came across 88Balaz during their live performance last year in the Philippines which left a very strong impression. And we said, why not? 88Balaz, in their almost 23-year career, has consistently used their innate canonical attitude to write cult songs, and demonstrate the most furious aesthetics in their live performances.

Founded in 1996, the meaning of their name in Chinese is “88 guava seeds,”  a supposed parody to the Chinese tongue twister “44 stone lions”. Inspired by Guns N’Roses, Nirvana, etc., we see the most basic music element of 88balaz to be blues-rock.

88balaz is known for its live performing power, which obviously attracted a lot of fans. Some of the most notable moments are their performances in the two most important music festivals in Taiwan, the Spring Scream in the south, and the Ho-hai-yan Rock Festival in the north of Taiwan where they won the top prize. (Can be likened to Woodstock or Coachella.)

The band is composed of the lead vocal Balaz Lee, bassist Kuan Ling, drummer DongYu Lee, and guitarist Bluez Lee. Apart from their heart-stopping live performances in Taiwan, 88balaz never forgets to spread their music around the world. One of their most notable ones is the “B Walkman” world tour during 2018-2019 which covered many countries among Europe and Asia.

This tour highlighted the old fashion craftsmanship in the creation of music. They want to maintain the home-made or hand-made flavor that is original in their music. And who better to introduce the Taiwanese music scene to us but 88Balaz.

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What’s coming

Did that hype you up? We hope so! Check this teaser below for their upcoming showcase: 


What do you think of this pioneer collaboration between Mayonnaise & 88Balaz?

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