twenty one pilots’ ‘Blurryface’ Has Surpassed 4 Billion Streams

Over the past couple of years, these Ohio boys have been breaking records after records. And as if their career milestones are not big enough, their album ‘Blurryface’ has recently surpassed 4 billion streams!


Biggest Rock Album of the Decade. All-time most streamed album by a group. And now, a jaw-dropping record of 4 billion streams on Spotify which, at this point, seems implausible to top.


The 4th album of the duo, ‘Blurryface’ was released back in 2015, two years after the emergence of their label debut, Vessel– a personal favorite. It incorporates elements from various genres like pop, alternative rock, reggae, and hip hop, and mostly revolves around the themes of overcoming insecurites and mental health. Considered as the band’s breakthrough album, it has fourteen tracks, all of which have received gold certification from Recording Industry Association of America, making it the first album in history to have received such recognition.

It’s all thanks to Tyler’s exceptional musical intelligence, Josh’s mad drumming skills, and their fascinatingly distinctive musical style that you won’t hear from any other artist on the radio today. Plus, their extraordinary job when it comes to branding themselves, visually and musically, has earned them an irreplaceable spot in the minds of music lovers from all over the world.

One of the biggest albums ever

It is worth noting that this gigantic number of listeners is only on Spotify; youtube and Apple Music have not entered the scene, yet. As per the individual tracks, Stressed Out remains to be the most listened-to song in the album, with over 1.7 billion streams.

Their latest album, Trench, is also available on various streaming platforms worldwide. Read more: LAUNCHES: Twenty One Pilots is Back With Album “Trench”

What song from Blurryfacy is your personal favorite?

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