It’s not too late to add our Top 10 Songs of the Week (October 27-November 2) to your playlists!

It’s Friday everyone and that means it’s time for a recap of the songs that made it to our Top 10 Songs of the Week (October 27-November 2)! As usual, every Friday we give you the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week. And we know you’re just itching to get your hands on some top-shelf OPM music. So here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly!

1. Cotton Candy by Arthur Nery

There’s no denying that Arthur Nery’s voice is beautifully commanding. While listening, he just soothed me and made me crumble into a small ball of feelings and longing. Eventually, I just succumbed and closed my eyes to enjoy the music.

‘Cotton Candy’ is one of our favorites from his ‘Letters Never Set Album’, as it starts differently. Having a cute intro with funky sounds, it also stands out from the others. We especially love how it’s a little more upbeat, summoning a few dance moves from us here and there.

Plus Arthur Nery singing to you lyrics like, “I want you under my sheets.” What more could you ask for?


2. Fingers Crossed by Carousel Casualties

“Fingers Crossed and Tongue Tied” is exactly how we feel about this song. We can’t just place exactly how we feel about it, all we know is that we love it! ‘Fingers Crossed’ by Carousel Casualties features a boppy melody and fun guitar riffs that will surely make you jump up and down. But also sings lyrics like “I am just a fool for you baby.” So why don’t you let us know what you think of it?

3. Sana by St. Wolf

St. Wolf is giving us more of their signature Swabecore sound, they have an eclectic mix of electro-synth vibes in their new song ‘Sana’. Again they show us their superb skills, with perfectly blended instrumentals and powerful vocals. ‘Sana’ or “hoping” in English, is exactly that, a song about hoping for love. If you’re looking for a song that’s as intense as how you feel, look no further than ‘Sana’ by St. Wolf.

4. Sumama Ka Sakin by Up For Byes

Up For Byes stays true to their sound as an alternative pop-rock band, with their latest single ‘Sumama Ka Sakin’, as it will surely make you want to come along with them. They’ve caught our hearts once again with their unique mix of poetry and music. ‘Sumama Ka Sakin’ at first listen may seem simple but make no mistake that there is a beautiful meaning underneath the alluring melody. Listen to ‘Sumama Ka Sakin’ right now!

5. Sa’yo by Mei Tarce

Mei Tarce is a breakout artist who just recently launched ‘Sa’yo’, her first single last October 25.  We just want to say that she is just another perfect example of big things coming from small packages. She’s so adorably tiny, like girl, where do you get the power for the vocals you’re serving? Don’t sleep on this powerful song about loving someone you can’t seem to have.

6. Basta by Takipsilim

Despite being only Takipsilim’s second single, ‘Basta’ is not a song we would ignore. Their soothing vocals are the perfect company for rainy days at home, just chilling with your significant other. And even more perfect, ‘Basta’ sings about being perfectly content and happy with just being with that person. But it’s not as simple as that, give it a listen and you’ll know what we mean. This song definitely deserves a spot on our Top 10 Weekly Songs!

7. Found You, Found Love by Y ARA

Y ARA will not let up on these hot releases! Just last October 1, Y ARA gave us their hit single ‘September‘. And now they’re back at it with ‘Found You, Found Love’ released just last October 25. This duo never fails to make us feel the joys of falling-in-love, and ‘Found You, Found Love’ is no exception. It’s a chill track that highlights the joys of that “first encounter” of new love. Give it a listen right now!

8. The Sun by Any Name’s Okay

If you are feeling down, Any Name’s Okay comes to the rescue as they release a single titled ‘The Sun’!

We can’t expect you to fully trust us, but the newest single of Any Name’s Okay will absolutely make you feel good! Titled ‘The Sun’, this song by the five-piece pop-alternative band is very uplifting. It makes us imagine better days ahead of us and it actually makes us excited once again for the future.


9. I Love You Sabay Bawi by MNTKLYA

If you’re like me that looks for new heartbreak songs to add to my songs-to-cry-to-playlist then MNTKLYA has got one tear-jerker for you!  Have you ever been in love with someone and thought everything was okay until one day they just up and leave you? No explanations, no tearful separation, nothing.

And so that person just leaves, leaving you nothing but heartbreak and trust issues. Enter: ‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ by MNTKLYA! They have been performing ‘I Love You Sabay Bawi’ for a while now but have only officially released it on Spotify last October 18.


10. Destination by Leanne and Naara

 Just like the single cover, ‘Destination’ by Leanne and Naara is the perfect song to listen to when you go cruising in the car at night. Leanne and Naara’s latest single just makes us feel all the things you feel on late-night drives going nowhere. The cool night breeze, great company, and even greater music. Released just last October 18, this chill-track definitely deserves a spot on our Top 10 Songs of the Week. Don’t believe us? Have a listen for yourself. You’ll see the streaks of street lights and feel the cool night air in no time.

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And that ends our weekly recap with the songs that made it on our Top 10 Songs of the Week (October 27-November 2)! Make sure to stay tuned on Monday to check whether your current OPM fave made it to our list!

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