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Are you looking for new music to add to your playlists this weekend? Well, look no further because we’ve got you covered! You better start getting used to this every Friday. As we give the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week, every week! And so, here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly!

1. ‘Peklat Cream’ by Bita and the Botflies

Bita and the Botflies’ ‘Peklat Cream’ tells the sad reality of domestic violence. This song tops our charts because we just love the ironic mix of darkness and light. Which also reflects in the other tracks from the album. Their album with the same name was made to take you on a psychedelic trip through the harsh realities of life. But with its’ trippy and groovy vibe, you wouldn’t feel the dark themes of the songs at all.

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2. ‘I Rose Up Slowly’ by Clara Benin

Sometimes life gets us down, but getting back up is what truly matters. ‘I Rose Up Slowly’ by Clara Benin will give you hope to get back up after every downfall. And ‘I Rose Up Slowly’ really encapsulates that. Because sometimes no one will be there to help you. Sometimes you have to do it alone. And as slowly as that takes, what matters is that you got back up anyway.

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3. ‘Papara’ by Morissette

Morissette’s rendition on St. Wolf’s original ‘Papara’ sounds absolutely amazing with her vocals! Don’t get us wrong, the original version by St. Wolf is great too. But without St. Wolf’s heavy instrumentals, you get to appreciate the lyrics more. And it just turns it into our very own version of Dua Lipa’s ‘IDGAF’. Say goodbye to all those that lead you on with false hope with Morissette’s ‘Papara’!

4. ‘Chasing’ by Jensen Gomez

Jensen Gomez, singer-songwriter and vocalist for the band ‘Jensen and the Flips’, has recently dropped some of his new music. After his first double single last July titled ‘Hangin / Init’, he is coming back with a second one, ‘Brand New Man / Chasing’.

For us, ‘Chasing’ is the better of the two. It is more upbeat than ‘Brand New Man’ and it even loosely reminds us of a John Mayer song. Compared to ‘Brand New Man’ which somehow reminds us of rainy road trip days, ‘Chasing’ makes us feel like we’re on a wild adventure on the road. We can imagine the sunroof being open as we are happily dancing under the heat.

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5. ‘Lagi Lagi’ by Banda ni Mayor

‘Lagi Lagi’ by Banda Ni Mayor is a lighthearted song about waiting for that special someone to finally reciprocate the love that you give. It is a relatable, feel-good song that takes the concept of rejection and shoves it aside. As Banda Ni Mayor chooses to focus on the hope instead. Hope, that she’ll say yes one day, but until then he’ll just be hoping.

6. ‘KPLI’ by Sabu

Grab some tissues, get all wistful and you reminisce the good times with KPLI by Sabu!

There’s nothing wrong with being a little bit hopeful for a lost love. Because sometimes a lost love holds more than just the memories. But a love you’ll only encounter in one in a million lifetimes. And Sabu only proves it with her newest single, ‘KPLI’.

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7. ‘Come Inside Of My Heart’ by IV of Spades

To be honest, we have seen a lot of fans comment about how IV of Spades just seems to be lacking without Unique. However, the trio proves otherwise. One member has left, but it always doesn’t mean doom for the ones left behind.

Moreover, the song is just really good. Plus, we think their sound was loosely inspired by Tame Impala’s well-known single, ‘The Less I Know The Better’. Ever since ‘Ilaw sa Daan’ and ‘Hey Barbara’, the band just kept feeding us with quality OPM songs. We just keep bobbing our heads while listening to it!

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8. ‘What Goes Around’ by MilesExperience

Once more, MilesExperience takes us by the reigns as they bring about their remastered sound to light. Tweaking after their awaited comeback, they prove that there’s more to them than we know. And Cyber World War checks out all of those boxes! Especially their song ‘What Goes Around’ that just gives us our daily fix of rock and roll.

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9. ‘Scar’ by Jello Reyes

Scar and Rosas have always been a crowd favorite. Both songs forge truths about love’s dark side. And weaves a daunting tale of pain, loss, and heartbreak. Sigaw follows the same theme. However, it ditches the usual emotional and empathic tone of Jello. Instead, he settles with an angsty one, showing another side of the busker.

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10. ‘Alapaap’ by Leanne and Naara

Leanne and Naara’s latest single ‘Alapaap’ will truly take you over the clouds. Their rendition of the Eraserheads classic will give you both a nostalgic feel and a breath of fresh air. Especially in the beginning, when you hear those first few guitar riffs that are all too familiar. But then you get hit with their powerful vocals giving the song a refreshing new vibe.

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