It’s not too late to add our Top 10 Songs of the Week (January 5-11) to your playlists!

It’s Friday everyone and that means it’s time for a recap of the songs that made it to our Top 10 Songs of the Week (January 5-11)! As usual, every Friday we give you the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week. And we know you’re just itching to get your hands on some top-shelf OPM music. So here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly!


1. Alab (Burning) by SB19


So of course, the song that tops our Top 10 Songs of the Week is none other than ‘Alab (Burning)’ by SB19!

After their phenomenal hit “Go Up”, SB19 is once again engulfing us in flames with this dance single “Alab (Burning)”!

SB19 is taking the Philippines by storm and the new MV for their latest single will surely set that in stone. As the “Alab (Burning)” MV was released today, we can’t help but clap in awe as the talented boys passionately perform on our screens! Stream ‘Alab (Burning)’ by SB19, today!

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2. Kumander by Mayonnaise


The OG rock band, Mayonnaise, has been working as hard as Christmas elves to deliver these presents on time through the holidays! Because last Christmas Day, they just dropped their latest single, and on New Year’s they dropped the music video for it as well! Check out ‘Kumander’ by Mayonnaise right here!

‘Kumander’ by Mayonnaise has an overall fun and playful vibe that banks on the relatability of the kind of relationship the song tells. The kind of relationship that has one swearing they love the other despite not listening to what they say. And the other always nagging the other for not listening, but do it because that’s their love language. Now, although that seems like a problematic and toxic kind of relationship, we believe that songs shouldn’t only tell the “good kind”  of relationships.

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3. Ikaw Sa Salamin by gelo;


Aren’t happy crushes just the best? So if you’ve got one right now you’ll definitely be able to relate to ‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ by gelo;.

So what is a happy crush anyway? It’s when you like someone but don’t really expect things to go anywhere. You’re just happy whenever that person is around. And you just genuinely want the best for them. Well, that’s exactly what ‘Ikaw Sa Salamin’ by gelo; is about. And it’s especially evident in the chorus. So give the top third song of our Top 10 Songs of the Week a listen today!

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4. Tagumpay by Rocksteddy


Y’all know that this song deserves a spot on our Top 10 Songs of the Week just for having the lyrics “susuka ng susuka, pero ‘di susuko!” Which literally translates to, “I’ll vomit, but I won’t give up!” Our fellow alcoholics knows what’s up! But kidding aside, this latest release from Rocksteddy is a catchy headbanger, that will be a surefire hit at inuman sessions with the gang! So add ‘Tagumpay’ by Rocksteddy to your playlists today!

5. Saglit by Hilera


2020 is the year to shoot your shot, my friends! And you can take it from Hilera with their song ‘Saglit’! Because this song is all about pursuing the person you like if they’ll allow it. Not only that, but its catchy guitar riffs and drum ensembles will keep ‘Saglit’ by Hilera replaying in your head over and over! So give ‘Saglit’ by Hilera a listen today!

6. Golden Age by Paper Satellites

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Ever since we listened to ‘Golden Age’ by Paper Satellites we cannot get this line out of our heads: “You are what you wanna be.” And we’re feeling kind of defensive (cue in “is this an attack?” memes here). But we just have to say that this latest release from Paper Satellites is truly a showmanship of their skills to create a smooth yet surprising blend of instrumentals. And we’re absolutely living for it. So needless to say we’ll be looking out for more of Paper Satellites.

7. Sinner by Just Matthew


Just Matthew definitely brought his A Game with ‘Sinner’! Because aside from a sinfully enigmatic beat, it’s also doused with equally sinful lyrics! But what we personally love about it is that it’s not on a Busta Rhymes level. And what we mean by that is, we can actually keep up with the lyrics! Plus we can totally see ourselves dancing to this sick beat at the club (or at home, lol)!

8. Ride Or Die by Jid Durano


Although that intro beat caught us a little off-guard, we actually really like it. It makes ‘Ride Or Die’ by Jid Durano a little spiced up with OG beats from the barrios. And overall makes the song a little more endearing, because it shows roots and soul. Additionally, the message of the song itself is so sweet! After all, we could all use a ride or die, don’t you think?

9. Fire by Alpha Yang


Now, this week’s list wouldn’t be complete without a bit of depth, and boy does Alpha Yang bring the depth with ‘Fire’! On the first listen, it may sound like your run-of-the-mill house music with a touch of techno. But it’s the lyrics that keep its lofty beat grounded, as Alpha Yang sings:

If I flicker in the dark
I wonder how to see clear
’cause you and I
Would never feel the fever dream from here

So maybe try to decipher the song on your own and let us know how it speaks to you. Give ‘Fire’ by Alpha Yang a listen today!

10. Imahe by jDon

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‘Imahe’ by jDon has a chill and lo-fi vibe to it that’s perfect for some easy hip-hop listening. Although the message of the song is far from chill. And instead is a song about wanting to chill with someone, if you get my drift. It’s a song that expresses the kind of craving for someone, the kind where you just want them beside you all the time. So give ‘Imahe’ by jDon a listen today. Or send it to that special someone instead! (Wink, wink!)

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And that ends our weekly recap with the songs that made it on our Top 10 Songs of the Week (January 5-11)! Make sure to stay tuned on Monday to check whether your current OPM fave made it to our list!

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