It’s not too late to add our Top 10 Songs of the Week (January 26-February 1) to your playlists!

It’s Friday everyone and that means it’s time for a recap of the songs that made it to our Top 10 Songs of the Week (January 26-February 1)! As usual, every Friday we give you the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week. And we know you’re just itching to get your hands on some top-shelf OPM music. So here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly!


1. Sabay by One Click Straight


The song that tops our Top 10 Songs of the Week is none other than ‘Sabay’ by One Click Straight! ‘Sabay’ is one of the tracks from their recently released EP ‘Harana Coma’. Along with four other songs, namely ‘Nag-iisa’, ‘Manila’, ‘Bitaw’, and ‘Paraiso’. And in fact, the official MV for ‘Sabay’ was released just yesterday, January 30.

We really resonate with ‘Sabay’ by One Click Straight because it seems to be an internal dialogue. We can say with confidence that everyone has their own inner demons that they fight. And the first verse feels very similar to when you quiet your thoughts of sadness, as if in a reprimanding tone. And we really relate to that.

But then by the chorus, it turns uplifting. And when they sing “di kayang mag-hiwalay ang pusong sabay-sabay.” That can be translated to, “you can’t separate hearts that beat as one.” And this is just our opinion but we feel like what they’re trying to convey is that when you find people who feel and hurt the way you do, friends who can understand your pain, is when you can finally heal. So, “sana wag kang bumitaw,” or, don’t let go.

2. Bukas by Sasaya

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So if you needed a burst of inspiration this week, or just a feel-good song to uplift your spirits, we’ve got just the thing! ‘Bukas’ by Sasaya is a rock song reminding you that it may seem dark today, but maybe things will be different tomorrow. It’s definitely a mood booster and a reminder that your friends are there for you when you need them.

3. You Are My Everything by Julie Anne San Jose


Honestly, anything Julia Anne San Jose touches turns into gold. And needless to say, we’re really big fans. Because who wouldn’t be? Her voice is so beautiful and her vocal range is amazing. So when we heard that her new song was going to be the official soundtrack of GMA’s ‘Descendants of the Sun’ we just had to give it a listen. And it didn’t disappoint! It sounds like a classic ballad that’s about epic love. You really shouldn’t miss out, give ‘You Are My Everything’ by Julie Anne San Jose a listen today!

4. Heart React by ALLMO$T


We’ve told you this before, kids! 2020 is the year to shoot your shot! And what better way to let your crush know you like them than by sending them ‘Heart React’ by ALLMO$T! Because you’ll never know if they like you back if you never let your feelings show.

Also, we just want to point out the title is a message all on its own. I’m sure millennials and Gen Z alike can relate to the fact that heart reacting on their posts is all you can do because you’re too afraid to let them know you like them. But really, what’s the worst that could happen? So shoot your shot! And listen to ‘Heart React’ by ALLMO$T today!

5. Alab (Burning) by SB19


Still going strong at Top 5 is ‘Alab (Burning)’ by SB19!

After their phenomenal hit “Go Up”, SB19 is once again engulfing us in flames with this dance single “Alab (Burning)”!

SB19 is taking the Philippines by storm and the new MV for their latest single will surely set that in stone. As the “Alab (Burning)” MV was released today, we can’t help but clap in awe as the talented boys passionately perform on our screens! Stream ‘Alab (Burning)’ by SB19, today!

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6. Repeat by Al James, Rjay Ty, and Lexus


Solid bass beats, a psychedelic vibe, plus a catchy hook. What’s not to like about ‘Repeat’ by Al James, Rjay Ty, and Lexus? Y’all know we love a little diversity on our Top 10 Songs of the Week. So if a solid low-key hip-hop track is what you need, we’re telling you, this is it. Especially if you’re looking to get mellow, if you know what I mean (wink).

7. Incurable Disease by Y ARA

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We hope the title doesn’t scare you off! Especially now that the 2019-nCov is officially in the Philippines. So don’t worry because ‘Incurable Disease’ by Y ARA is infectious in the best way. And what we mean by that is you’ll be singing “oohh!” all day. ‘Incurable Disease’ by Y ARA is a song about having feelings for a person like it’s an incurable disease. You’re just sick full of feelings and it spreads and infects your whole life. Give ‘Incurable Disease’ by Y ARA a listen today and let the love infect you too.

8. Sundo by Alisson Shore


The eighth song on our Top 10 Songs of the Week is ‘Sundo’ by Alisson Shore. And we’ll be honest, it took us a while to absorb the message behind the song. As clear as the quality and vocals of ‘Sundo’ is how vague its message is. So how we interpret ‘Sundo’ by Alisson Shore is that it’s a song about the conflicts that never get resolved in a relationship, which ends up being the driving force that leads to a breakup.

But that’s just our two cents on the matter, and feel free to tell us your thoughts otherwise! So listen to ‘Sundo’ by Alisson Shore today!

9. Lullabye by Jana Garcia


In this world that we live in, it’s undeniable that we get really tired; we get stressed; we feel anxious a lot of times. So somehow, when we are prone to experiencing these feelings more than usual, we may get overwhelmed. That’s why looking after your mental health is crucial and taking care of yourself is a must-do.

When you feel like everything is too much, then rest. Stop and rejuvenate and reflect for a bit in your own personal space or sanctuary. Moreover, if you need some calming music to accompany you, Lullabye” by Jana Garcia just might be the perfect song for that moment.

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10. Let This Be Right by John Salvacruz

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And the last song on our Top 10 Songs of the week is ‘Let This Be Right’ by John Salvacruz, bringing you some major John Mayer vibes. It’s not every day that a man admits his own vulnerability, especially when it comes to love and relationships. So when he sings:

Let this be right

I don’t want to die again inside

Don’t hold me too tight

So when things go wrong

It will be alright

It shows that he’s not afraid to let you know of his vulnerabilities and shortcomings. And that he’s cautious of going into another relationship. So as a woman that is sick of the false bravado of men, we can really admire a man like this.

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And that ends our weekly recap with the songs that made it on our Top 10 Songs of the Week (January 26-February 1)! Make sure to stay tuned on Monday to check whether your current OPM fave made it to our list!

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