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It’s Friday everyone and that means it’s time for a recap of the songs that made it to our Top 10 Songs of the Week (February 16-22)! As usual, every Friday we give you the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week. And we know you’re just itching to get your hands on some top-shelf OPM music. So here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly!


1. Solitaryo by Join The Fan Club


First on our Top 10 Songs of the Week is ‘Solitaryo by  Join The Club. So although their most popular track is ‘Nobela’ from way back in 2016, people shouldn’t sleep on this amazing band. And their newest single is proof of that.

‘Solitaryo’ is a song that’s really more like an internal dialogue. In the song, they continuously question whether isolation is the answer. And whether or not it’s the right decision to make, because it’s something they could never do.

2. Fall by Ben&Ben


‘Fall’ by Ben&Ben is the song we needed this Valentine’s Day. If we had ‘Fall’ by Ben&Ben as our life’s soundtrack, it would make falling in love so easy. But apart from an amazing song, Ben&Ben went the extra mile and produced an equally amazing music video! The MV features people from all walks of life, showing all kinds of love. The love of a parent and child, the love that lasts a lifetime, and a love that breaks boundaries.

It’s a definite feel-good song that would make you cry out of joy. So don’t sleep on this track, and maybe dedicate it to someone you love. Who knows, it might just prove to be your lucky charm in finding a love that lasts.

3. Gemini Soul by Jensen Gomez


‘Gemini Soul’ by Jensen Gomez goes on a five-dimensional trip with lo-fi percussion beats, whispers, along with his magnetic vocals leading the way. So if there’s anything to say about ‘Gemini Soul’ by Jensen Gomez, it’s that it is textbook perfect. Because what makes a good song? Great vocals? Check! A sick beat? Check! Compelling lyrics? Check!

We’re definitely having ‘Gemini Soul’ on repeat all weekend, despite our actual feelings about Geminis (sorry, not sorry). So check it out for yourselves, and let us know if you love it just as much as we do!

4. Kahapon by Zsaris


To put it simply, ‘Kahapon’ by Zsaris is both a song about hello and goodbye. This is Zsaris’ fifth single since her debut single ‘Himala’ back in 2016. And what makes it even more amazing is that she writes, composes, and beat-boxes everything all by herself. ‘Kahapon’ is a very uplifting song, it’s the kind you’d want to play in your head as you begin a new chapter in life.

So if you’re looking for a sign that says “This is the moment, do it!” ‘Kahapon’ by Zsarios is what you need! So give it a listen, today!

5. Halaga by Alisson Shore


This next one goes out to all those of you who are still trying to wrap their heads around their breakup. We get it, it’s always hard to accept that someone who was once your entire world is now happy with someone else. Especially if after the breakup you were somehow hoping that you’d patch things up and get back together. But once that person gets with someone new, the doors to reconciliation suddenly close. And all the hope you had gets shattered.

And we know that sometimes, music is the key to the things you can’ express. So if you’re going through something similar, ‘Halaga’ by Alisson Shore may help.

6. Chito by Matthaios, Calvin De Leon, and Steven Peregrina


‘Chito’ by Matthaios, Calvin De Leon, and Steven Peregrina is a song riddled with pop culture reference. And it’s absolutely adorable! So if you somehow aren’t aware of how girls all over the internet are swooning over Chito Miranda, we’ve got you covered. So ICYDK, these days Chito Miranda is famous for something else other than the fact that he is the lead singer of Parokya Ni Edgar. And that’s because of his super kilig posts about how much he loves his wife!

And so these days, saying “I’m your Chito Miranda” is now synonymous with a man who is willing to do everything for the one he loves. And that’s essentially what ‘Chito’ is all about! So give it a listen and try not to say sana all.

7. Lizzie by The Wallblossoms

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The Wallblossoms is an up-and-coming band from Bulacan who just released their new single ‘Lizzie’. So if you’re a Marvel fan, you’ll definitely appreciate their new single. And that’s because the song is inspired by Marvel’s very own Scarlet Witch actress, Elizabeth Olsen. It has an indie rock sound which somehow seems like it was inspired by 60’s music (like the UK band Fur), the single is a feel-good track that you might want to play while walking down the sunny streets. It is groovy, smooth and sweet – just the perfect addition to our “happy days playlist”.

8. Drama by Keane Trinity


“Drama” by Keane Trinity is from the first-person perspective of someone who is having a conflict between grief and relief due to a missing lover in their life. The person is not fully sad… but also not fully happy. As a result, vices like alcohol, cigarettes or drugs serve as an escape. Moreover, the person also ends up questioning the existence of God and his Saints.

According to the band, the song is “their own take on the usual ‘love songs’ or ‘hugot songs’ but with a different approach with the lyrics and instrumentation.”

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9. (Again) Your Love Takes Flight by Y ARA

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We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’re big fans of Y ARA! This Davao-based indie duo always manages to surprise us with their hopeful take on love. And ‘(Again) Your Love Takes Flight’ by Y ARA is no different, but also different altogether!

This new single has the same charm of their other love songs. Because it chooses to look on the bright side of love. But it’s different because unlike their other songs that are more on the acoustic side, this one is brought to life by infusing 8-bit sounds in the melody. And we love it! If we had to sum up the song, it’s like having a girlfriend or boyfriend who always cheers you on. And we all need someone who believes in us. So listen to ‘(Again) Your Love Takes Flight’ by Y ARA today!

10. Rebound by This Band


And finally, staying on our Top 10 Songs of the Week for the second time, is for all the marupok and martyrs out there, ‘Rebound’ by This Band is really the song for you! Have you ever been with someone who just got out of a relationship? You fall in love with the person, they claim they feel the same, but you’re pretty sure they are still caught up with their ex. Still, you take a leap only to fall headfirst when you realize you’re just a rebound. Ouch.

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And that ends our weekly recap with the songs that made it on our Top 10 Songs of the Week (February 16-22)! Make sure to stay tuned on Monday to check whether your current OPM fave made it to our list!

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