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It’s Friday everyone and that means it’s time for a recap of the songs that made it to our Top 10 Songs of the Week (December 1-7)! As usual, every Friday we give you the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week. And we know you’re just itching to get your hands on some top-shelf OPM music. So here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly!

1. Inside Out by Lions and Acrobats


Okay, so full disclosure we loved, loved, loved the MV for ‘Inside Out’ by Lions and Acrobats! And the song itself kind of reminds us of ‘Jenny’ by The Click Five. Tell us we’re not the only ones!

And obviously, we can’t ignore the fact that Leanne had a part in the MV. Now, if you’re a fan of the band you probably know that Leanne Mamonong from Leanne and Naara is dating the vocalist, Icoy Rapadas. And it was just so cute and cheesy (don’t worry we love cheese) that their scene was them having dinner but they’re on their phones, video calling each other! We don’t get if it’s a play on LDR (long-distance relationship) or what, let us know, will you?

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2. Without Your Love by Over October

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A new single has just been released by Over October and listening to it will absolutely make you feel somehow good!

Last November 22, a new single has just been released by the four-piece pop-rock OPM band Over October. And honestly, it was a bit conflicting. It was able to make us feel good because of the upbeat, positive tone of the song, yet also a bit melancholic upon our own realizations about love. Overall, it was a good feeling somehow that ‘Without Your Love‘ by Over October defeatingly shows us the hard truth in love.

Literally, people can just tear our hearts to pieces, and that’s the hardest fact that we have to accept before we should even start loving someone. Choosing to love is accepting the pain that may eventually come with it, but it really doesn’t give people the license to just hurt the ones who trust and love them.

‘Without Your Love’ is a bop, yet also something which shouts foul at the unfairness of love. Again, it’s really, really relatable. 10/10 would listen again.

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3. Celine by Garage Morning


Falling in love with a friend is never easy, but is it worth it? Garage Morning sing about this and more in their new song, ‘Celine’!

The newest single from Garage Morning is a relatively chill track. And is a definite automatic addition to our personal chill playlists. We can already imagine ourselves having a cup of coffee in the morning, with ‘Celine’ playing in the background. So if some easy listening with tranquil vocals is what you’re after, ‘Celine’ by Garage Morning is the answer.

However, what the song is all about is a theme that isn’t new to most of us and can sometimes be a source of anxiety. Listen to it now, and find out what we mean!

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4. Sana Na Lang by Yeng Constantino featuring Gray Sky Sun


Once again, Pop Rock Princess Yeng Constantino is showing off her powerful vocals with a brand new track.

For a while, we have forgotten about the title ‘Pop Rock Princess’. However, with a new track by Yeng Constantino along with her friends from Gray Sky Sun, we are reminded that she really rules the said genre. It’s been a long time since we have heard her angsty vocals in a song, but she proves that she is royalty of pop-rock in the Philippines with her new song ‘Sana Na Lang’.

Before we were ever ready to hear Yeng’s new song, we honestly had flashbacks of ‘Siguro’. We really missed hearing her voice with guitar-heavy instrumentals and upon listening to ‘Sana Na Lang’, we were surely satisfied as hell.

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5. Holding on to a Smile by Y ARA

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As always Y ARA makes us believe in loving again. Their songs always make us feel the joys that only having someone to love can bring. So despite our very cynical views on life and love, Y ARA makes us believe that true love exists.

Especially when they sing, “‘Cause I’m holding on to a smile and I’ll be there for you when you cry tonight.” Because it makes us picture the kind of love that chooses to look and hold on to the bright side of things. And that no matter what they go through, the pain or the challenges, they’ll be there holding on. Because they believe in the kind of love that they have. And it just makes us say, sana all!

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6. Yakap by Moira Dela Torre

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Moira is giving all of you an early Christmas gift this November! Because her newest song is all about being in the arms of the person or people that matter this Christmas. Hence, ‘Yakap’ which means embrace. And isn’t that what matters most during Christmas? It’s not about the presents or the food, it’s about being with the ones you love. So add Yakap’ by Moira Dela Torre to your Christmas playlists now!

7. Try by She’s Coming Home

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The band proudly claims that ‘Try’ is your new cold-weather companion. And honestly, they’re not wrong! Because Karla Pauline Macatlang’s vocals is like being served a steaming cup of hot chocolate. And making the overall vibe of ‘Try’ by She’s Coming Home very relaxing.

Although the lyrics are the complete opposite. In fact, the sheer lack of warmth in the lyrics is piercing. But of course, how can the lyrics contain warmth when it’s about two people’s failed relationship, and yet they’re still trying to hold on.

This ironically beautiful song is why it’s on our Top 10 Songs of the Week!

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8. Hindi Ka Na Mahal by Color The Era


Even if it hurts, honesty is still the best policy. And although ‘Hindi Ka Na Mahal’ by Color The Era really fr*ckin hurts, we have to appreciate the fact that the song is about being honest with one’s feelings.

‘Hindi Ka Na Mahal’ by Color The Era was released just last November 21, under Viva Records. And as you guessed, it’s a song about a person coming clean to their partner that they just don’t love them anymore. Ouch! It really, really, really hurts. But then again, would you rather be lied to? It will hurt for a while, but in the end, you’ll feel relieved anyway. So listen to ‘Hindi Ka Na Mahal’ by Color The Era today and let us know if it hurt you too!

9. Chasing Sunsets (Stripped Down) by Submission

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You can now enjoy the stripped-down version of the 2018 track ‘Chasing Sunsets’ by Submission! Taken from their ‘Catharsis’ album, they’ve completely mellowed out their otherwise electro-rock song, ‘Chasing Sunsets’. Give it a listen today!

A word of advice, don’t dismiss ‘Chasing Sunsets’ as just as repost track. Because not only have they stripped it down, they’ve also rebuilt it from the ground up. And with it, we have a newfound appreciation for the lyrics that we didn’t quite catch the first time around. In one word, ‘Chasing Sunsets’ by Submission is stellar!

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10. Sabihin by Melody Hodgson


‘Sabihin’, the second single of Melody Hodgson, has only been released last November 22. And honestly, it is a ballad that most of us need to hear and eventually learn from. Remarkably, the singer-songwriter’s wide vocal range was flawlessly beautiful and her ability to portray emotions through her voice was heartfelt.

Melody’s latest single speaks of confronting a loved one about the hard truth, even when it might be painful. And that’s why it has stayed on our Top 10 Songs of the Week twice in a row!

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And that ends our weekly recap with the songs that made it on our Top 10 Songs of the Week (December 1-7)! Make sure to stay tuned on Monday to check whether your current OPM fave made it to our list!

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