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Welcome to the 2020 edition of Top 10 Weekly OPM Songs of U DO U! For starters, we have been releasing the list of songs we’ve picked to be featured in this content. Now, you can decide which of them will take the number one spot by placing your vote in the poll!

In line with that, polls will be open until May 3rd and we will release the full run-down of our Top 10 Songs of the Week on May 4! So, watch out on Monday next week for the results!

Here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly!

Doors by Ben and Ben

It is one of the most personal songs that the band has written, conveying the dangers of passive-aggressiveness and how it can ruin relationships. The emotion was crafted within the melodies, riffs, and beats of the song.

Better by Julie Anne San Jose

An original synth-pop track written by Julie herself, the song speaks of moving forward and choosing to be a better person after a toxic relationship.

Kalawakan by juan karlos

Definitely a hard-hitting blues etched with powerful vocals that will surely make your head bang and make you groove with the song.

Steps by Garage Morning

Kicked off with cherry melodies, the track tackles the imaginary blissful moment that one can always think of when there’s a distance between their loved ones.

Sariling Multo (Sa Panaginip) by IV of Spades

Sweeping with rock-heavy instrumentation that shares letting go of nostalgic pains and facing your own demons.

Manalangin by The Juans

A song about hope and braving through storm, The Juans brings us to a musical spiritual journey that hopefully eases our lockdown anxieties.

Ikaw By Autotelic

Ikaw by Autotelic shows us the painful struggle of being stuck on someone.


Somewhere, Nowhere by Majo Elli

An indie song for the week showcasing the sultry vocals of Majo Elli and her feel-good beat track that tells about arriving into her destination someday.

My Sweet Hometown by Reese Lansangan

Giving us the nostalgic vibes and sweet patterned verses that longs with our hometowns.


Alone Together by Joyce Pring

A collab between Joyce Pring, Victor Pring, and DJ X-Factor, Alone Together is the perfect anthem to dance to when the quarantine is giving you bouts of loneliness.


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