Original Pinoy Music or commonly known as OPM continues to live on despite the infinite number of international songs. But this time, we wanted to hear from you exactly: What makes OPM special?

OPM is special—that’s a given. And we could probably enlist on our own the many reasons why we think so. However, we really wanted to hear it from the OPM lovers themselves… What makes OPM special for you?

We asked a couple of Philippine music lovers out there on why they think OPM is special, and the responses we accumulated are amazing!

OPM is special because…

1. …the #hugot about love is very relatable

OPM is special to us Filipinos because everyone can relate to it. Broken hearted, in love, may kaaway, or makatrigger lang ng memory. OPM is great because it has a way to get under our skin HAHAHAHAHA!

-Timothy Miles Wee-Ebol

True enough, the OPM scene is filled with heart-wrenching songs that can definitely make you cry if you’re on the rough patch of fixing your broken heart! OPM artists can really find a way to get under our skins, don’t you agree? And maybe we could all agree that ‘Migraine‘ by Moonstar88 can prove this point!

It’s special kasi ano, the songs tell a story usually about love, how it starts, how it ends.

-Paul Bayani

Songs are also storytelling but with music! And a good example for that is Callalily‘s recent release entitled ‘Ex‘!

2. …of the Filipino craft

OPM is special because of how the song makes you feel. Not just the lyrics but also the melody and rhythm of the songs gives you a different feeling. (Basta very moving ng everything).

-Irah Embile

Its uniqueness from foreign songs na pag pinakinggan mo ang OPM music you get this nostalgic calming feeling.

-Daniel Rolluqui

OPM songs are woven beautifully—full of craft, passion, determination, and hardwork that results to such quality music. The craft that Filipinos have for their music is very intense that they spend each passing day perfecting their pieces worthy to be added in the Philippine music scene.

The passion that the bands put in their craft. It really is their baby. Since being in the music industry isn’t really practical in the Philippines (when you’re starting out) you see those who’s hearts are really in it. Fighting for what they love.

-Izzy Torres

The process of becoming a well-known musician in the country is pretty much brutal, having to face a lot of obstacles in order to be recognized for your talents. Still, aspiring musicians and singers strived for their music to be heard out of sheer passion.

And with that thought, here’s a beautifully crafted song by one of our all-time favorite bands, the Apo Hiking Society.

3. …it embodies the Filipino culture

OPM is the heart of the Filipino people. It speaks the hearts and minds of the Filipinos, and it shows how truly talented Filipinos are in the music industry. OPM is special because it was made by us and it represents us, the Philippines.

-Julienne Ogayon

Bamboo‘s ‘Noypi’ not only sparks the patriotism in us, but it also talks about the resiliency of the Filipino people. On how despite being in the face a great adversity all the time, Filipinos will always survive.

It can be more relatable compared to foreign music for we share the same culture and similar sentiments with it’s creators. OPM, it’s ours. Sa bansa na halos lahat ng bagay influenced ng mga banyaga, big step na we have our own music scene.

-Mich Nepomuceno

Being proud of being a Filipino despite Western influences—that’s how it should be! And the song that came to mind with this statement is none other than Francis Magalona‘s ‘Mga Kababayan Ko,’ that speaks of outright nationalism.

Other than it being created by our very own talented Filipino musicians, it reflects our unique culture through creativity. The music also depicts the sentiments of the people, which makes it timely and relatable to many.

-Cobe Ponce

And we have ‘Hari Ng Tondo’ by Gloc 9 featuring Denise to support that one!

OPM respresents the culture and the taste of music of the Filipinos. It is special because it’s rooted from the Pinoy culture. It show the talents of our kind ganun.

-Bianca Del Castillo

Freddie Aguilar’s famous ‘Anak’ shows a different angle on the Filipino culture, tradition, and lifestyle when it comes to our families, don’t you think?

Showcasing the Filipino culture… that’s what makes OPM very special. It is rooted to our very core, resulting to music that not only represents us as Filipinos, but our unique traits, lifestyles, and traditions.

Overall, OPM is special because:

OPM gives life to the Filipino soul.

-Kyle Sioson

So to wrap this up, here’s ‘Alapaap’ from one of the top favorite bands of all time, the Eraserheads!

So, what makes OPM special for you? Have other reasons you wanna include here? Or do you want to see other OPM songs featured in this article? Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section below! You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to connect with you!