These singers definitely gave pride to the Philippine music industry with their talents. Now, it’s time to honor and give recognition to our Top Ten OPM Solo Artists of All-Time!

Being in a band with the help and support of your band members is one thing. But creating music and facing it alone is another. That’s why we really need to honor the Top Ten OPM Solo Artist of All-Time who gave pride to the Philippine music scene.

The fear of being a solo performer did not stop these amazing Filipino talents from showcasing their music. Especially in a time wherein your biggest opponents are actually foreign artists. We truly salute these solo artists and this tribute is definitely long overdue, but better late than never, right?

10. Martin Nievera

Three decades in the industry, Martin Nievera is a very a talented Filipino singer-songwriter in the country. He is best known for his hit songs such as ‘Kahit Isang Saglit,’ ‘You Are My Song,’ and ‘Ikaw Ang Pangarap.’ Because of his outstanding achievements in the music scene, he is coined as the “Philippine Concert King.”

9. Ogie Alcasid

Besides being a television star and comedian, Ogie Alcasid inspires people to fight global warming through his song compositions. This Filipino singer-songwriter was the former president of OPM as well. His famous songs ‘Ikaw Sana,’ ‘Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang,’ and ‘Kung Mawawala Ka’ are top hits in the country.

8. Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta is a very well-known actress, talkshow host, and endorser. This Filipina singer is not only famous for her blockbuster movies and teleseryes, but also for her hit OPM songs such as ‘Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko,’ ‘Mr. DJ,’ and ‘To Love Again.’

7. Freddie Aguilar

Freddie Aguilar is a famous folk musician in the Philippines. Despite the gap, generations now still know his greatest hits. His rendition of ‘Bayan Ko’ became the anthem for the opposition against the Marcos regime during the 1986 People Power Revolution. Up to date, his song ‘Anak’ is very famous until now.

6. Sarah Geronimo

Filipina actress Sarah Geronimo is a very famous television personality, especially for her talents in singing. At the age of 14, she won at the television singing contest Star For A Night. Her music career rolled on from then on together with her songs ‘Forever’s Not Enough,’ ‘How Could You Say You Love Me,’ and ‘It Takes A Man And A Woman.’

5. Gary Valenciano

Coined as “Mr. Pure Energy” because of his extraordinary energy while performing, Mr. Gary Valenciano has already released tons of albums. He is a multi-awarded singer-songwriter, actor, composer, music producer, and TV host. His hit songs include ‘Hataw Na’ and ‘Shout For Joy.’

4. Basil Valdez

The immense talents of this Filipino balladeer made him accumulate tons of prestigious awards during the long run of his music career. Some of the greatest hits of Basil Valdez are  ‘Life Up Your Hands,’ ‘You,’ and ‘Kastilyong Buhangin’—all are proof that he contributed beautifully in the Philippine music scene.

3. Regine Velasquez

Regine Velasquez is called the “Asia’s Songbird” because of her beautiful voice. This singer, actress, and record producer represented the Philippines in the 1989 Asia-Pacific Song Contest. ‘On The Wings Of Love,’ ‘Dadalhin,’ and ‘Araw-Gabi’ are amongst her top songs.

2. Lea Salonga

Very well known in the musical theater, Lea Salonga amazed not only her home country but the entire world with her music talents. She was the voice behind the Disney movies ‘A Whole New World’ from  “Aladdin” and ‘Reflection’ from “Mulan.”

1. Francis Magalona

And of course, who could forget Francis Magalona, right? He was known as “FrancisM,” “Master Rapper,” “The Mouth,” and “The Man From Manila.” He was not only a Filipino rapper-singer and songwriter but he was also an entrepreneur, producer, actor, director, and photographer. His hit songs are ‘Kaleidoscope World,’ ‘Mga Kababayan,’ and ‘Cold Summer Nights.’

These top OPM solo artists truly made the Filipinos proud with their exquisite talents in music. And though some of them started to become famous before this generation, their names and their songs are still acknowledged. They can even be considered as the backbone and standard when it comes to OPM influences.

How about you? Who’s your top ten OPM solo artists of all-time? Tell us who it is and why in the comment section below. You can also message us on Facebook or on Twitter @UdoUph. We’d love to hear from you!