In love with your friend or best friend? Check. They only see you as their buddy? Check. Sadly, you’re part of the friendzone club! And to rub it even more (oops!), we have here for you our top songs for those who are stuck in the friendzone!

Ahhh. The rollercoaster ride of those who are friendzoned. He/She hangs out with you a lot, treats you so good, but only sees you as a friend… Or even worse, best friend. Ouch. We get it, but hey you still have these songs to make you feel that you’re not alone in your asylum of frustration. We present to you our top songs for those who are stuck in the friendzone.

Treat You Better – Shawn Mendez

I know I can treat you better
Than he can
And any girl like you deserves a gentleman
Tell me why are we wasting time
On all your wasted cryin’
When you should be with me instead
I know I can treat you better
Better than he can

You know that itching frustration you get whenever you watch your friend, to whom you’re in love with, be treated like trash by the person they are dating? And you know deep inside your heart that you can definitely do a far better job in loving him/her? Gahd, we freaking hate that! If you’re in that same spot go on ahead and sing your lungs out to Shawn Mendez’ ‘Treat You Better’.

FRIENDS – Marshmello and Anne-Marie

Haven’t I made it obvious?
Haven’t I made it clear?
Want me to spell it out for you?

Okay, if the friend you’re in love with, regardless of how much you’re trying to subtly to show him/her your true intentions, always plays this effing song whenever you’re together? That. Is. A. Red. Flag. You’re in the friendzone bruh (or siz. We don’t discriminate). Don’t push it. You’ll just hurt yourself.

You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

If you can see I’m the one who understands you
Been here all along so why can’t you see
You belong with me
You belong with me

Who out there who was friendzoned in the early 2000s and didn’t sing and cry to this song? Tell us? Cause you’re lying. Staph it. Admit it. You channeled your inner Taylor Swift to this song and wet your pillows! We won’t judge you cause we’ve been there too. Calm down, we don’t mean to bring back memories or to reiterate your current situation. It’s just that, it’s a good jam. And it hits home. lol.

Drive You Home – Parachute

When it’s over
And the thrill is gone
If you come back
And you’ve got it wrong
You know that you don’t have to leave
You don’t have to go
When it’s over
Let me drive you home
Let me drive you home

We cannot express enough how bad we feel for the person in this song. Like dude, really? You’re down to be the go-to quick fix whenever he/she’s broken? That desperate? Snap out of it! He/She’s not staying. Whatever delusion it is that you have in your mind? “Move to trash” cause it’s not happening. Move on.

Story Of My Life – One Direction

The story of my life, I take her home
I drive all night to keep her warm and time
Is frozen (the story of, the story of, the story of)
The story of my life, I give her hope
I spend her love until she’s broke inside
The story of my life (the story of, the story of)

You live for those moments when he’s/she’s spending time with you, huh? Even though you know that’s just that and it’s going any further? Here’s your anthem fellow friendzoned peeps. That should be enough for this one. We don’t want to make you cry. (Or do we? Kidding)

Balang Araw – I Belong To The Zoo

Parang tangang kausap ang tala at buwan
Naghihintay ng meron sa gitna ng kawalan
Natutong lumipad kahit pagod at sugatan
Pag-ahon ko sa lupa’y iiwanan lang naman

You’re still hoping, huh? That’s your call. We’re just saying, it’s already the freaking 6th song and you haven’t gotten to your senses yet? Bruh (or siz), you need major self-reflection.

Ako Nalang – Zia Quizon

Ako na lang sana
Tayo na lang dal’wa
Sana nalaman mo pala
Ako na lang sana
Ako na lang kung pwede lang I wish
Ako na lang ako na lang I guess
Ako na lang ang paborito mong mamiss
Oh yes

Goodness gracious! It’s that bad? You’re begging now? (insert facepalm emoji) That’s all we have to say.

Pansamantala – Callalily

Pansamantalang unan
Sa tuwing ika’y nahihirapan
Pansamantalang panyo
Sa tuwing ika’y nasasaktan

Why does it hurt more when it’s in Filipino? Gedemet. It’s astonishing what we do for love. The sacrifices we do even if it’s not going where we want it, even it hurts. *sniffles* (It got real, real quick. Whoops!)

Paasa (T.A.N.G.A) – Yeng Constantino

Ang hirap palang maging T.A.N.G.A.
Ang hirap palang maging T.A.N.G.A.
Pinapaasa mo lang ako kasi alam mo na crush kita
Oo na crush kita
Pambihira oh nung dati pa

Ladies and gentlemen, Yeng Constantino spelled it out for you. We’re not going to reiterate. Just don’t be like that anymore, mmkay?

Pangarap Lang Kita – Parokya ni Edgar

At kahit mahal kita
Wala akong magagawa
Tanggap ko oh aking sinta
Pangarap lang kita

At the of the day, we can only dream for that certain someone to love us back. Maybe someday it’ll happen, maybe not. But for now, know that we got your back! You can cry to us whenever you need to. *virtual hug*

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