Get yourself a bottle (or maybe a bucket?) of beer and a roll of some tissue as we go through the top 10 songs that will bring back memories of your ex… oops!

You know those moments when you’re peacefully listening to your playlist then THAT song plays? You know THAT song? THAT song that when you hear the first note it’s like you’ve been hit by a mallet on the face?

Yeah, THAT song that takes your entire being into melancholy mode cause it reminds you of your ex. Let’s see if THAT song is in our top 10 songs that will bring back memories of your ex.

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script

Some try to hand me money, they don’t understand
I’m not broke I’m just a broken hearted man
I know it makes no sense but what else can I do
How can I move on when I’m still in love with you

It’s really difficult to forget someone you’ve loved with all you’ve got. It could take months or years before you can actually say your totally over it. So while you haven’t fully moved on from your ex, we’ll tolerate you singing your lungs out to ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.’

2. Fix You – Coldplay

Tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
oh and tears come streaming down your face

Whenever you lose someone, it’s easy for people to say “Aww, he/she’s brokenhearted”. But that’s not the only case—aside from our hearts being broken, it also feels like our bones are crushed, eyes are ripped off of their sockets, our skin being flayed. All those happening while we’re living and breathing. AND IT SUCKS. It sucks that one person can cause such great damage to us and it could be difficult to realize when we’re back to our old selves or when we’re whole again. But nevertheless, take your time healing. Fix yourself so that when the right person comes along, you’ll be able to give your all once again. For now, go listen to this song for inspiration.

3. All I Want – Kodaline

But If you loved me
Why did you leave me?

Yeah man, why? Kidding. We know, dude. We have so many questions in our heads whenever we get left behind. “Did I do something wrong?”, “Is it something that I’ve said?”, or “Am I not enough?”, these are just some of those questions. But know that no matter how hard it may be, know in yourself that you are enough and that you are worth it. He/she just wasn’t the right person. Hold on and keep calm, that day will come when you finally have all you really wanted.

4. Part Of The List – Ne-Yo

They’re part of the list
Things that I miss,
Things like your, funny little laugh
Or the way you smile or the way we kiss
What I noticed is this,
I come up with
Something new, every single time
That I sit an reminisce
Ah yes, the little things. The little things that stuck on you throughout the relationship. That dent on her lips when she smiles, that Victoria Secret Bombshell perfume she always wears, or that thing she does with her hands before she starts eating. Small things can make a really big impact especially if you love a person so much and they’re difficult to escape and forget once the relationship is over. Go ahead and switch this song’s lyrics to your ex’ list of little things if that’s going to help, we won’t judge.

5. Gravity – Sara Bareilles

Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long
No matter what I say or do
I’ll still feel you here ’till the moment I’m gone

Awww. This song. 🙁 It’s frustrating when you want to move on but somehow you still find yourself gravitating back to that person. You’ve tried dating other people, traveling to all the places that your means allows you to, and/or drowning your body with alcohol. Still, none of it is working. Moving on is a process, we may not be able to tell you how long it would take but just keep doing your best every day and you’ll wake up one morning with a repaired heart.

6. ExCallalily

Inakala kong ika’y napagod
Lahat ay tinapos na
Kahit ginawa kang pansamantalang
Iniwang mag-isa
Hayaan mong lahat ay maituwid ko pa

“Can we try again?”. If only “yes” is the answer for all, it would’ve been great. We mean, if you and your ex got back together then congratulations and we wish you all the best. But for people on the other part of the equation, they can only wish for this to happen. Don’t worry dearies, your ex might have just been a lesson and if you learned something from what you had, then you still win. 🙂

7. Bakit Part 2 – Mayonnaise

Ngunit bakit, pinilit, kung ayaw ko’ng masaktan?

To all the martyr’s of love out there, this is your anthem. Ugh! We get it. It’s difficult to move on, but you have to stop hurting yourself deliberately. If a person says “No”, then quit. Not because you’re a coward, not because you don’t love them enough, but because you love YOURSELF enough. There’s a limit when you’re fighting for something, once you’re defeated, accept and move on to the next battle.

8. Hanggang Kailan – Orange and Lemons

Umuwi ka na baby
Hindi na ako sanay ng wala ka
Mahirap ang mag-isa
At sa gabi’y hinahanap-hanap kita

Classic. This song must’ve been in many OPM lovers playlist for years and years. And yes, once you’re used to having someone with you almost all the time, it takes a lot before you can stand being alone. Every now and then you’ll find yourself wishing for him/her to come back. If they do, then great. If not, you already know what we have to say about this. MOVE ON.

9. Bumalik Ka Na Sakin – Silent Sanctuary

Sige na please wag nang mainis
Bumalik ka na sa’kin
Sorry mahal, ika’y nasaktan
Bumalik ka na sa’kin

My gahd, dude. We’ve talked about this! Stop begging for him/her to come back. “If it’s meant to be, it will be” and “If it’s for you, it’ll come.” What other cliches do you want to hear? Kidding! We understand. Just like what we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s a process and that includes the part where you just keep wanting him/her to come back. It’s not like we haven’t been heartbroken before. Just, you know, pace yourself and actually do something that’ll help you move on.

10. Kapit Pa –PusaKalye

Basta’t ikaw ang makatuluyan

Sikretong tinago ng pusong lumalaban

Mahal kita ngunit mahal mo siya

Bibitawan na lang ba kahit pusoy kumakapit pa

Well, we guess we can never force you to stop wishing for your ex back. Heck, we’ve been there too. It is really difficult especially if you still feel strong feelings towards them. Even though, in your head you know that you need to move on, the heart wants what it wants.

We know that it’s tough. But it’ll get better, promise! For now, go and sulk with these songs playing. We’ll be here if you need a hug. 😉

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