Only 114 days till Christmas Day! And now that countdown has started this September, you’ll probably be hearing some of these favorite Pinoy Christmas Songs blasting everywhere!

It’s officially the start of the notorious Ber Months and every household is hyped up! With the last 4 remaining months of 2019, Christmas is technically just around the corner. And for us Filipinos, the best way to showcase our love for the holiday season is to belt out those Christmas tunes. All-day, all night.

So we’ve listed down the top all-time favorite Pinoy Christmas songs that we’ll be hearing up until the year ends.

Christmas in Our Hearts

There’s no fighting it. Because Jose Mari Chan is inevitable. As soon as I walked out of my house, ‘Christmas in Our Hearts’ was already playing everywhere! And a few weeks ago, the social media space has been bombarded by memes all featuring Jose Mari Chan and ‘Christmas in our Hearts’. We might have a lot of iconic Pinoy Christmas songs but ‘Christmas in Our Hearts’ will always be something special.

This song became a staple in everyone’s Christmas playlist, mind you. Not only because of its heartwarming melody but also because of how it described Christmas. A season of sharing, love, and unity among people. And that alone is a beauty you can’t ignore.

12 Days of Pinoy Krismas

A rendition of the original ’12 Days of Christmas’ song, this Apo Hiking Society version will always leave us breathless. Aside from the catchy and iconic tune, this song captures the feel and vibe of Pinoy Christmas.

At the same time, you can’t deny the Pinoy humor embedded in every lyric of the song. It isn’t just funny because the way Pinoy tradition was weaved into it makes it close to our hearts. Indeed, a classic that would never be forgotten.

Star ng Pasko

ABS-CBN’s 2009 holiday station ID unexpectedly became a quintessential part of everybody’s Christmas playlist as well. Emerging as a promotional song for the famous TV station, it made its way to every Filipino’s heart. Not because of the featured artists in the song. But because the idea of Christmas that’s rarely tackled.

‘Star ng Pasko’ offers a ray of hope and positivity in life. Especially that we’re celebrating the wonderful season of giving, thanks to Jesus. It does come off as a spiritual Christmas song but a substantial one.

Christmas Bonus

Of course, the anthem of every working class in the community. How can we forget! ‘Christmas Bonus’ describes what most working adults look forward to this season of giving. And that is the Christmas Bonus!

Christmas might be a festive season and the season of giving. But you can’t deny how prices skyrocket fast overnight. So there’s no blaming Aegis for making this a favorite hit song during these holidays.

Sa May Bahay Ang Aming Bati

And of course, every kid’s favorite, ‘Sa May Bahay Ang Aming Bati’! This is the go-to Christmas carol song of kids who go house to house to earn a little bit of “auginaldo”.

It doesn’t matter if kids fumble their tongues with the lyrics. Because we know the song by heart. Everybody does. As long as we hear it, we remember ourselves being in their shoes. And that alone is enough to stir our hearts with nostalgic happiness.

Christmas is one heck of a season. It draws different emotions from everyone. Just like these songs. Brings us back to the old days or reminds us of a bright future ahead. But one thing’s for sure, Christmas is for everyone. And it’s the love for the season that binds us in one connecting string of love.

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