Welcome to the countdown of Parokya ni Edgar’s Greatest Hits! Who’s up to get a blast from the past?

While we’re all enjoying the long weekend, it’s nice to reminisce with some of the best parts of our youth. After all, one of the many things that brought color to our memories is the music we listened to.

We’re about to enter a portal to the past, taking you to Parokya ni Edgar’s songs that have been on repeat, whether it’s in the inuman sessions, karaoke jams or live gigs.

‘Gitara’ makes it to number 5.

Most of the time, what makes a song popular is how the listeners relate to it. The more we could play and sing along with it, the more it gets ‘viral’.

Perhaps ‘Gitara’ has been a ‘manliligaw’ anthem back in our youth.

Number 4 is ‘Halaga’.

Everyone in the friend zone knows this all too well, word per word! Or at least those who felt the bitterness of having to endure the unrequited love as well as seeing that love being treated harshly when you know you could’ve done better.

‘Inuman’ makes the top 3.

The ever so present inuman jam that makes the hangout ten times better! Need we say more?

‘Bagsakan’ makes it to number 2.

Bagsakan caused so much hype with the kids as it featured a compelling collaboration with two of the biggest Pinoy artists Gloc 9 and Francis M. These artists coming together made a huge impact to the OPM world that lasted until now, having inspired other artists in the country.

And for number 1 we have ‘Buloy’.

There’s no doubt that Buloy made it to number 1. The song has meaningful lyrics about friendship, struggles and people’s view of life. It truly spoke to our hearts. But what it made it controversial was how ‘Buloy’ was an actual person, a friend of the band’s. Although it wasn’t inspired from Buloy’s life as it was written, unfortunately the guy eventually took his own life due to overwhelming personal problems.

It’s always great to reminisce about our favorite songs and bands. Some would even say it’s a healthy habit. So if it is, let’s do it more often!

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