We love drama! And what triggers us when watching are the OSTs and theme songs. So here’s our favorite movie and teleserye soundtrack of 2018!

Movies and teleseryes are our guilty pleasures. Especially local ones. They easily capture what we really want to watch. And among the elements that make a good movie or a good teleserye is its theme song. And we listed our favorite movie and teleserye soundtrack of 2018 and get ready to be LSSed!

Di Na Muli – Janine Teñoso (Sid & Aya)

And dami daming bagay na hindi naman kailangan
Kung pwede lang bawasan natin ang mga tampuhan
Hindi mo lang alam hindi mo pa nararanasan
Kahapon sana natin di mo na pinahirapan

Patawad muli
Di na muli

‘Sid & Aya‘ was a movie that really caught us off guard. We all thought that it would be a happy ending but we expected too much. We were so heartbroken with it and the song ‘Di Na Muli’ added fuel to the wildfire in our hearts. Double kill, indeed! They really lived up to their title “Not A Love Story”. Just when we thought they were pranking us! If you had a fight with your significant other, then you can relate to this. If you’ve ghosted or were ghosted, or if you have that one moment you want to go back to, this is your jam. Disclaimer though, it will leave you to tears. Sometimes, it’s just painful to be reminded that we can no longer go back to the past. Ouch.

Maybe The Night – Ben&Ben (Exes Baggage)

Maybe the night holds a little hope for us, dear
Maybe we might want to settle down, just be near
Stay together here

Nothing beats the waiting game. We’ve been in a situation where we have one foot six feet under the ground. ‘Exes Baggage’ is one heck of a torture. The cliffhanger ending had us holding our breaths for so long. But that’s the reality of love. Sometimes, we just don’t know if we’re waiting for the right person to come or to come back. It’s a big waiting game and is full of maybes. And that’s one thing we don’t like, waiting on something we’re never sure of. A good night with someone can last long but the pain, once you lose grasp of it, is double-fold. That is torture, man.

Ngayon at Kailanman – Jona Viray (Ngayon at Kailanman)

Kapag ang araw at bituin ay di na matanaw
Kapag tumigil ang daigdig at di ‘na gumalaw
Subalit isang araw pa matapos ang mundo’y nagunaw na
Hanggang doon magwawakas pag-ibig kong sadyang wagas
Ngayon at kailanman

If you’re a fan of JoshLia (Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia), you’ve probably had this in your playlist. This is the best theme song for you and your significant other. Love can be tough but ‘Ngayon at Kailanman’ tells how love can move mountains and how dedicated someone can be for his/her love. If you’ve ever been in love with someone, you’ll reminisce the good and bad times in your relationship. Remember the good times that you shared? The bad times that you’ve both overcame? Now look at you! Still, the love is there. Awww, isn’t that sweet? Love is timeless, just like the song and yes! It can last forever.

Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko – Moira dela Torre (The Hows of Us)

Ang nakalipas ay ibabalik natin, ooh
Ipapaalala ko sa ‘yo
Ang aking pangako
Na ang pag-ibig ko’y laging sa ‘yo
Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko

‘The Hows of Us’ is that movie that would make us eat ice cream and cry about it later. Yes, that’s how painful it was. The movie showed the every day struggle of a relationship, especially if both parties are dealing with their own personal issues. It was very realistic and a lot of people can relate to it. And ‘Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko’ ended it in a good note. We’re always searching and learning more about ourselves, even if we are in a relationship. It can get in the way of the relationship but at the end of the day, love prevails. You’ll be there for each other, support each other—through good times and bad. What’s good is that you become better for each other. If you’re the end game for each other, despite all the hardships, you’ll be together. And we think that’s beautiful.

Halik – Aegis (Halik)

Ang halik mo, na-mi-miss ko
Ang halik mo, na-mi-miss ko
Bakit iniwan mo ako

Sensual and trivial, right? ‘Halik‘ (the teleserye) is been making noise in all social media. And it’s a controversial show because of the theme that it focuses on. But if you look at it, the fact that it happens in real life is haunting. Just like the song, no matter how much we hate a person or how they left us or why, we still miss them. Sometimes we miss every inch of their kiss, their touch and warmth. That’s how sensual love can get. And being an all-time favorite song, we can’t just ignore this one! We’ve sung like a million times in the videoke and we’re not ashamed of it!

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