We’ve been causing sore throats to ourselves trying to sing our hearts out along with Aegis whenever their songs comes on. So we thought, why not look back on our all-time favorite Aegis songs, right?

Two decades in the Philippine music scene, and no other pop band has the impact of Aegis. No one can rock our hearts out with such powerful and emotional music the way our all-time favorite Aegis songs are capable of!

And we bet songs by Aegis can still pull at your emotions, and we are positive you look for their song numbers whenever you’re having a karaoke session with your friends. We know when we do, it’s a promise that we’ll be producing our very own concert!

So let’s sing our hearts once again! Grab a hair brush near you to use as your mic and turn that speaker up, because without further ado, here are our four all-time favorite Aegis songs for you.

Sayang Na Sayang

Sayang na sayang talaga
Dating pag-ibig na alay sa iyo
Sayang na sayang talaga
Pagmamahal na di ko makakamtan sa iyo

We don’t know about you but we can definitely feel the frustration (and our own!) when we utter the lyrics to ‘Sayang Na Sayang.’ Whenever we sing this one out, the pity and remorse is so etched in us.


Hindi ko na kailangan
Umalis ka na sa aking harapan
Damdamin ko sa ‘yo ngayon ay naglaho na
At ito ang ‘yong tandaan
Ako’y masyadong nasaktan
Pag-ibig at pagsuyo na kahit na sa luha
Mababayaran mo

‘Luha’ is really a crowd favorite! Looking back at karaoke or drinking sessions, whenever this song comes on, the #hugot is so intense. And we just can’t help but sing this one with such power and determination. Because come on, those lyrics are so strong, don’t you think?


Nasasaktan ako oh, baby!
Sa tuwing nakikita ka
Naninibugho ako oh baby!
Pag may kasama kang iba

Another emotional song by Aegis entitled ‘Halik.’ We can’t help but do some head banging along with its solid beats while screaming (yep, screaming—not actually) out the lyrics.

Basang-Basa Sa Ulan

Heto ako, basang-basa sa ulan
Walang masisilungan, walang malalapitan
Sana’y may luha pa, akong mailuluha
At ng mabawasan ang aking kalungkutan

We think we’re not the only one who remembers this song whenever the rain is pouring down. How fun it is when you could sing this one out with such intensity while the rain is so heavy, right? The ambiance, the drama, the emotions, the powerful tune—definitely a combo!

Songs by Aegis are really karaoke-worthy, and practically anytime when you just feel like being dramatic!

Wanna have your own concert and be an emotional rockstar? Then play these songs at full at blast now!

How about you? Do you love our all-time favorite Aegis songs as well? What other tracks by Aegis do you love singing to? Share it to us in the comment section below! You can also hit us up on our Facebook page or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to connect with you!