Valentines Day isn’t always magical and full of love. Guess what, not everyone is happily in love. So let’s set up the mood for our celebratory of singlehood with this Anti-Valentine’s playlist for you.

Valentines Day isn’t just supposed for lovey-dovey couples and couples-to-be. It might be the worst occasion that reminds single people of their relationship status. Especially for those who just got out of a relationship. Or those who are in a complicated relationship with someone. Sometimes, people are just plain bitter to see too much affection on that dreaded day. The V-Day.

So if you’re planning of sulking and making sarcastic, snarky remarks all day long, make sure you’re in the zone. Spice up your Anti-Valentine mood with this Anti-Valentines playlist!

1. ‘Di Na Babalik – This Band

“Patuloy lang sa buhay ko, limutin ang pag-ibig mo, hindi na babalik”

No need to be our marupok selves. This song resonates the hardships in a relationship a person experiences. Especially in a relationship that is no longer working out. So if you’ve just gotten out a relationship or about to end a relationship, remember life goes on. Life doesn’t stop at the end of a relationship. You don’t have to go back to the relationship if you’re no longer happy. Seriously, This Band knows how to give a piece of advice.

2. She’s Dangerous – LaLuna

“It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

LaLuna’s new single ‘She’s Dangerous‘ describes that one person we really should avoid. We all have that one person in life that pops out of nowhere. And somehow, he or she suddenly makes us spiral out of control with their mixed signals. So heed to LaLuna’s advice. No matter how charming they are, don’t be fooled.

3. Ala-ala – Sleep Alley

“Pipikit na lang ang mga mata, mapapaalam sa iyong ala-ala”

Say goodbye to all the people who’ve ghosted you! People come and people go. And for people who just went off the grid, they don’t deserve your time. More or less, your attention. Like Sleep Alley say, they’ll just be fleeting memories you’ll eventually forget.

4. Kulimlim – Pusakalye

“Ang tamis ng pagsasama, ngayon ay ala-ala’y kay pait”

Another sad song that reminds us of the good old days of being in love. Pusakalye immortalizes the longing we feel whenever a relationship ends. Yes, it’s bittersweet knowing that it has ended. But we have to move on. The relationship ends but the memories stay, forever. Even though if it’s as painful like yesterday.

5. Pwede Ba – Lola Amour

“Pwede ba, huwag muna.”

Trying to avoid the talk? Lola Amour’s ‘Pwede Ba’ captures how avoiding the break-up talk sounds like. And it is so on point. Sometimes, we think that it’s hard to confront the problems which eventually leads to breaking up. But actually, confronting it earlier stops the festering of negativity and toxicity within a relationship. It’s hard to accept that there’s the possibility of breaking up but it gets harder for the both of you if someone tries to run away from it. So put your game face on and confront it.

6. Islands – Reese Lansangan

“Self control won’t help me so, don’t come running back”

We’ve all had a fair share of being marupok. But Reese Lansangan‘s ‘Islands‘ reminds us how hard it is for us to move on. And when the other tries to come back to us, there’s always this feeling of wanting to get back together. No judgments here but you got to think before making a move. Sometimes, you got to be a lone island to rediscover love again.

7. Sa Hindi Pag-Alala – Munimuni

“Napag-isipan mo na ba, dahil kakalimutan na kita”

People tend to send us mix signals. And in the end, we get lost in translation. But sometimes, letting go of the memories surely help. It’s hard to move on with always remembering the person you’ve loved. And even though it’s a tough decision to call, forgetting about them is an easy way out. And Munimuni‘s single is on point!

8. Papara – St. Wolf

“Teka lang, kala ko ayaw mo? Bakit minsan, iba yung kilos mo?”

I feel that! St. Wolf gives us another little slap on the wrist about people making us fall for them. All those mixed signals and for what? To be ghosted eventually? Or be rejected after all the things you’ve been through? Right? So to all people who lead us on, this song is for you!

While you mope and binge-watch Friends or Brooklyn Nine-Nine, sing along to these songs. These songs are perfect to express our emotions this Valentines Day. Acknowledging our feelings with the right songs is what we need.

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