We’ve all heard one way or another the stories of artists and how they became known in the Philippine music scene. But how can you actually get there, right? The real question is: How to become an OPM artist?

Hold up one second! What we have enlisted here are things that you can do in order to have stepping stones, alright? In the end, it’s all up to you and your music on how to become an OPM artist and make a name for yourself!

But for those of you who are merely beginning—writing songs during your spare time and posting song covers or own compositions on your social media accounts, don’t feel too lost. We have here some tips for you on how to gear up your music career!

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You’ve most probably heard of the fast-rising artists such as Clara Benin, Cheenee Gonzalez, Where’s Ramona?, Nathan&Mercury, Munimuni, and so much more to mention. Believe it or not, these OPM artists and bands really begun through humble beginnings!

Hard to acknowledge that they’ve started out from scratch when they are making a name for themselves, right? Yet just like you, these artists also didn’t know how to start at first.

In order to help you out, here’s a list on how to let your music be heard, and hopefully, start the ball rolling on your path to the Philippine music scene!

1. Time and devotion

Practice makes perfect, right? Devoting your time, effort, and hard work would really push you to excel in your skills. Loving music is one thing. But truly being passionate about it is another.

Before you take the leap, hone your skills! Whether you are fond of a particular instrument, or singing, or writing songs—be sure to do it again and again and again in order to master it. There’s no need to rush! If you think you’re taking too long, remember that everything takes time and a beautifully crafted song is not woven overnight.

2. Individuality

Always set your mind into being different! Sure, it’s important to look for musical inspirations and influences. But don’t get too lost along the way. Keep in mind that your music is you!

In a country filled with rising artists and bands, being unique is what would you set you aside. Your craft should show you off, and your music should express who you are. Don’t ever be afraid to take risks—be daring, be bold, show everyone who you are through your tunes!

3. Promoting yourself

Be resourceful! There’s a whole world filled with technology around you. Grab your recorder, phone, or your camera and start recording. Whether those are song covers, your own compositions, or you playing an instrument. Social media like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are yours for the taking so be sure to use it!

We know what you’re thinking… it’s scary! Yes, you might get shy at first and be afraid that people would criticize you. But a bit of advice guys, criticisms are good. Sure people can be a little mean at times but maybe they do have something substantial to say that could help you improve your music, right?

And though you are feeling nervous, remember that you can record twice, thrice or maybe even more! There’s a lot of room to make mistakes with this one because you still have the chance to do it again.

To push and encourage you more, don’t forget that a lot of famous artists now are known because of their social media accounts! Just think of Clara Benin and Cheenee Gonzalez for inspiration and motivation!

4. Interactions

If you know any organizations or groups that you could talk and share your music with, now’s the time to know them! Having people around you who share the same passion and interest could truly help you delve more into your music and of course, improve it. There would be jamming sessions that could slowly but surely ease off the nerves. And you’d definitely be able to learn a thing or two with your peers.

Not only that, but organizations and groups could really jumpstart your music career. Take Where’s Ramona? for example! Joining their college’s university-wide organization ‘Musikat’ gave way for the members to meet each other and eventually form their band. Together with ‘Musikat’ and another univ-wide org called ‘TOMCAT,’ their music career rocketed!

5. Open Mics and Bar Gigs

Now off to finally getting that exposure that you need! What better way to showcase your talents but through live performances, right? We have enlisted here for you some events and bar places that you could check out. Hopefully, you’ll find the courage to volunteer to perform for an open mic!

And come on, let’s think bigger right? You could really be known through open mics. Fingers crossed, maybe when you’ve earned enough exposure for you or your band, then maybe you’d see yourself on the line-up for a gig!

Nathan&Mercury and Munimuni are known to perform for bar gigs, and look where they are now! Performing in front of a lot of people is good publicity, and it’ll give you the chance to meet the right people.

To save you the hassle, we’ve enlisted some of the perfect places for you to express your music. Be sure to check these out!

  • Route 196- 96-A Katipunan Ave, Project 4, Quezon City

  • Mow’s Bar- 20 Matalino St, Diliman, Quezon City

  • Jess & Pat’s- 63 Maginhawa, Quezon City

  • The 70’s Bistro- 46 Anonas, Quirino 2-3, Quezon City

  • Urban Flavors- 18 Mindanao Avenue, Project 6, Quezon City

  • Tacio’s- 3 General Romulo Ave, Cubao Expo, Quezon City

  • 12 Monkeys- Ruby road, El Pueblo, Ortigas, Pasig

  • SaGuijo- 7612 Guijo, San Antonio Village, Makati

  • Tomato Kick- 3rd Fl POS Building, Sct. Mandriñan St. Cor. Tomas Morato

These are basically the start-up tips we could give you all aspiring musicians out there. Always remember that the first step will have to come from you!

What do you think of our pieces of advice on how to become an OPM artist? Did it help you out? Any questions or inquiries? Hit us up in the comment section below or message us on Facebook page or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to help you out in beginning your music career!