Celebrating 13 Years of Taylor Swift and Her Music

Happy 13 years in the music industry, Taylor Swift!

Yesterday, October 24, marks the 13th anniversary of Taylor Swift’s self-titled debut album. Containing the iconic songs ‘Picture to Burn’, ‘Our Song’, and ‘Tim McGraw’, we can’t believe that the ‘Taylor Swift’ album is already 13 years old. Ugh, we feel so adult.

13 years ago, we were merely bright-eyed elementary students waiting for recess time. Now, we’re a part of the working class, and we just can’t help but look back at the days when we just jammed to our favorite Taylor Swift Songs.

The album art for Taylor Swift’s self-titled album

However, more than a decade has already passed and a lot of things have changed. Our situations in life, and heck, even Taylor’s hair! But admittedly, even though what hairstyle she does, she still looks stunning. Sana all. 

Moreover, Taylor has released a ton of songs already and we just can’t help but be in awe at how far she had gone in her journey. So to celebrate all those years of her music, we are going to reminisce about a song from each of her 7 studio albums.

So ride on the train as we hop back in Swiftie time!

1. Teardrops on My Guitar, Taylor Swift

Honestly, we can’t understand how Drew can make Taylor cry so much. With her beauty, voice, and obvious feelings for him, how can he just ignore her for another girl? Tsk. Meanwhile though, look at Taylor in this music video! She looks like a really innocent baby.

This song, Teardrops on My Guitar, is a classic when it comes to jamming sessions, we tell you.

2. Love Story, Fearless

Ladies and gentlemen, the very iconic Love Story! Frankly, this is the first song which we knew of Taylor Swift. We think that this is also the track that made her boom and capture the hearts of many young people – both girls and boys. After all, who could resist singing “Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone”?

3. Back to December, Speak Now

When we were kids, one of the biggest challenges was singing the line from the chorus of Back to December with just a single breath. It’s really hard and we want to commend Taylor Swift for it!

If you are curious about it, you go try. Sing, “so this is me swallowing my pride, standing in front of you, saying I’m sorry for that night” all in one breath. Let us know if you did it successfully.

Plus, just so you know, Speak Now is also celebrating its 9th anniversary today. Can you believe it?

4. All Too Well, Red

Do we need to say more? Can’t we just listen to All Too Well and cry ourselves in peace? Because that’s just what we want to do right now.

This just really hurts so much, that even though we’re not heartbroken at all, this song simulates the feeling for us. What more though if we heard the original and full uncut 10-minute version of it?

5. Blank Space, 1989

Yes, Blank Space – the song where she satirically makes fun of the media’s portrayal of her. This is just a really iconic and catchy song. Even though it played an awful lot of times on the radio back then, we just can’t seem to ignore it and change to another channel.

Moreover, the music video for it is just really good. Just watch it above and feel Taylor taking over you.

6. …Ready For It?, Reputation

…Ready For It? clearly speaks for itself, y’all. It’s just so powerful, along with the music video, that we just feel like we shouldn’t have to explain anymore.

7. Lover, Lover

Lover… oh lover. A song which makes us fall in love all over again, a song which makes us want to slow dance with our significant other, a song which just makes us feel good deep inside. This is just so beautiful and we want to cry.

We are so proud of Taylor and we love all of her songs. Even though we were a bit shaken up before because of her transition from country to mainstream pop, we realized that in our hearts, we will always be a Swiftie. So again, happy 13 years of Taylor, everyone!

Which of these is your favorite song of her? Let us know more of your thoughts by commenting down below! Or just simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, @udouph.

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